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  1. If he packed them all, then i'd be really impressed
  2. Broken ankle: 1 week splint Surgery 1 week splint 5 weeks cast 4 weeks rehab ============ 11 weeks Don't even miss the whole summer :)
  3. Good luck with the weather, supposed to rain on Sunday.
  4. Anything by John Coltrane Anything by Miles Davis Anything by Bill Evans
  5. All products are released with problems and potential bugs. Been doing this > 25years and I know there is no such thing as 100% code coverage or bug free code.
  6. calamine to stop the itching in extreme cases steroids this assumes that it was not a poison spider bite
  7. Y'all gotts see how fast Linux runs on the hardware spec that M$ wants fro Vista
  8. Be sure to take plenty of Advil with you. You're gonna be a little sore ;)
  9. Somneone that knows the REAL use for a BlastHandle ;)
  10. Make 1000 jumps, then if you still want to, ask again.
  11. Since you're probably jumping a larger main than other jumpers on the load, (if you're jumping at a turbine dropzone), watch the others land. If they're making large clouds of dust, well they're probably landing downwind ;)
  12. Now. Buy used you can always sell it for what you bought it for in 1-200 jumps.
  13. If you're descending at > 78 mph in a commercial jet, well, you probably have bigger things to worry about
  14. This broken ankle Keeps me grounded for two months It itches like hell
  15. It means that they want to fuck you.
  16. This happens all the time in other sports too. I have had lots of people tell me that they barefoot waterski but when you ask them questions is't apparent that they know nothing about the sport.