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  1. You forgot the Russian at Perris There's been (I think) three fatalities in the last few years where the person wasn't missed and the body wasn't found for a few days. The one in Houston, the one at Bay Area Skydiving, and this one. This one and the one at BAS were both no-pull fatalities; a check-in system wouldn't have changed the outcome; there was some debate as to whether the guy in Houston could have been helped. I'm with others who say that it really needs to be incumbent on us to look out for each other. Jumping in a group? Make sure your group is all accounted for post-jump. Jumping solo? Let someone on the load know, and ask 'em to check in with you after the jump. New to the dropzone and jumping solo? Same thing, but you'll have to introduce yourself to someone on the plane first.
  2. We all learn (hopefully) I remember people telling me to use the 45 degree rule for seperation around that time too. Hmmmmm.... I remember a day back in byron where you recommended to a newer jumper that he should track off on his back so he could see everybody. Glad to see those bad habits didn't stick around :P
  3. Maybe going a bit off topic here, but would you have the same opinion concerning separation during freefly jumps? Not that I'm a badass freeflyer but on all the freefly jumps I've done the protocol was to backtrack away for a couple of seconds, switch to belly and track as normal, no barrel roll before deployment.
  4. I'm just another asshole on the internet, but, I've been on a _few_ hundred ways so maybe I'm qualified to answer this one If you are relying on booties for safe break off you have much bigger issues. Concentrate on turning 180 from the center, grabbing air and flat tracking in a straight line all the way to deployment altitude while remaining aware of where everyone else around you is. And one other thing, don't pay any attention to anyone who suggests doing a barrel roll.
  5. Odds are the damage will be mostly financial.
  6. hope you saved an old hub somewhere, or if you have a good enough router you can do port mirroring.
  7. Listen to your instructors, what this thread has is some guys with
  8. FYI on Friday and Sunday it is almost impossible to drve from Kolomna to Moscow.
  9. if you're coughing up blood you should probably see a doctor
  10. SabreI 135 Specter 210 Slider WL 1.8:1 Seems to work great
  11. you don't know what you don't know, come back with a tandem rating and a couple thousand tandems.
  12. don't worry about the money to get your license, you'll be spending half your income on skydiving for the rest of your life
  13. where is the option for I don't want one, I'd rather not introduce any additional complexity in my equipment?
  14. Blue Skys Billy III, you'll be missed.
  15. What he said, for 8K and 100kmi you could get a BMW740iL in good condition. Neither! Both are way overpriced. $8000 for a used subaru with over 100,000 is just stupid
  16. apparently russ tripped over a seatbelt that someone had reconnected after taking it off creating a loop. he tripped on it exiting. He must have dislocated his right shoulder at that time because (I was there) he landed his reserve in half brakes no flare. If he broke his hip he probably did that on landing. I was in the air when Larry landed but apparently he dislocated an ankle and broke the other leg ( among other possible injures ) on landing near the beer line. After that they closed the main landing area to everyone except cameras.
  17. I jump there and your chances of killing yourself are way higher than dieing in an ac accident. Haven't seen an AC fall outta the sky yet (unlike some OTHER places)
  18. There are already FAA rules to keep them away from airports
  19. "I have two canopies out and" ........ I feel like an idiot
  20. closing pin necklaces are gay, not that there's anything wrong with being gay.