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  1. There is a process for screening people wanting asylum similar to the process that was used at Ellis Island. It's called the immigration court. Unfortunately the courts are very understaffed so this is going to take a while to unwind. The immigration courts already have a backlog of around 200,000 cases.

  2. If personal attacks were allowed on here you'd get one for being an ignorant racist fool with no compassion for people's suffering.

    But since they aren't I won't do that, instead I'll tell you that many of us Americans had parents that emigrated here and there's a famous poem you probably don't know about called "The New Collossus". But since you probably didn't pay much attention in your history classes you probably don't recall that.

  3. What he said, and yes I am a computer expert.


    ***So far as you know at this time anyway.

    I speak as someone who has been working with web servers since the original NCSA and CERN ones 20 years ago, who currently has infrastructure hit by millions of customers, doing a billion transactions per day. It's not fucking easy, or it's not cheap. And these are run on a state by state basis.

    Today is Black Friday at Amazon's web site....it will be substantially better by next week. These are for policies that don't start until 2014, right? You don't need it done on October 1. You would like it to be settled by Dec 1, well in advance of the actual deadline of Jan 1.

  4. Quote



    That would be a foolish choice, but knock yourself out...

    And you have jumped at Lodi exactly how many times?

    Irrelevant... I'll never jump there. Not after what the DZO pulled there.


  5. http://www.l-and-b.dk/products/audible/optima_ii



    I have issues hearing my audible, though not tinatus related.
    Does anyone know if there is a vibrating :$ alti for the hard of hearing.
    Something that vibrates like a cell phone on silent may be a solution.

    I was just thinking about that this morning,before reading this thread. I have some hearing damage from my youth and I normally wear earplugs when skydiving to protect what hearing I have left. I often do not hear my audible, but I don't depend on it either.

    The cell phone vibrator motors are available via surplus electronic sales. It would not be all that hard to connect the speaker output from an off the shelf audible to a motor control driver circuit and just cause the vibrator motor to run when the beeper is beeping. It would be best if the motor was in some way in contact with your skull. It would also require a package with a battery and the drive circuit on or inside the helmet.

    I keep thinking about the motor being against my skull and then being driven into my skull by a hit on the head. Just a minor design challange.

    It might be a nice college project for some young skydiving engineering student

  6. I always figured I'd go for body to body, feet first :P


    Jeff, the new thought on an unavoidable collision is to NOT spread arms/legs but to keep tight because with the new razor thin lines being used on many canopies now, going through those lines with arms extended might cause sever lacerations, or worse.

  7. You will also decide to cut away when you land in high winds and are being dragged backwards on your back, towards the parking stops in the lot you just landed out in. Wishing you'd disconnected your RSL.


    Have you yet covered canopy collisions, wraps and entanglements in your EP training?

    Yeh. I was taught that if it's unavoidable get big (spread arms n legs).Communicate with each other (if you're on the bottom read out altitude to guy in wrap, let him know if his canopy is good etc). Figure out if some1 needs to chop, wait for OK b4 chopping if you do. Make decision whether or not to disconnect RSL.

    Only other situation I can think of for disconnecting the RSL is if you're landing in water. If the canopy sinks you'll have to cutaway from it and you don't want your reserve coming out if that happens.

    I can't think of any other reason??

  • Should have bought IBM



    Computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard Co.'schief executive officer Margaret Whitman received compensation valued at $15.36 million in her first full year at the helm, even as the company reported a net loss for the year.

    The company reported a net loss of $12.65 billion for the year.

  • My point being that the other jumper in addition to the other organizer had different limits. And these limits can change for a number of factors. For example I would feel a lot more comfortable busting clouds with a 20 way than I would with a 100 way.