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  1. That's pretty cool. I've seen Eric Roner, Special Greg and Rooftop at Elsinore on a couple occasions now, super humble guys.
  2. There's not one single thing for experienced jumpers on that website, kinda thrown off by that...
  3. I remember getting more nervous with the increased complexity of each new jump level. Specifically being in a new "unfamiliar" unstable position. The AFF program is setup to learn a lot fast so I think it's normal to feel like that. It also took me awhile to "trust" the gear. Once those thing's are out of your head there will be some normal nervousness here and there but overall it will become more fun that you can imagine.
  4. I've washed mine at least 3 to 4 times this summer. In 100-110 heat I find sweat stain's on the outside of the suit, and can smell the suit in the back seat of my truck. Cold water and hang drying doesn't seem to have done anything to it yet....
  5. Having jumped at both Dz's, I'd probably do my AFF at Elsinore. Perris is an awesome DZ but can be very busy, which typically means more canopy traffic.
  6. Elsinore does not have any LO's on friday's, and can be fairly slow on friday's too. I primarily jump at Elsinore, but the few time's I've been to Perris I've been impressed with how many plane's go up on a average weekday, and there seems to always be someone L.O.ing during the week.
  7. wow, those clips were awesome!
  8. That's strange because I don't think the end cells on my pilot 150 have ever been closed on opening. I was getting line twists fairly often until I stopped pushing the nose in. The sabre 2 170 I was flying before the pilot would have closed end cells on 90% of openings, but immediatly open after a quick flare.
  9. They don't fly it anymore, not for several years now.
  10. holy shit! i hope he got to his handle before his aad fired!
  11. me neither, I check the mail everyday for it!