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  1. Grab the black mount plate that comes with every GoPro (on the top of the box) http://i.imgur.com/8dgfgzw.jpg Then stick it in your suit. http://i.imgur.com/M5vsIog.jpg Obviously the suit needs to be belly-mount compatible.
  2. I've used the box mount for a bunch of different shots. It functions fine as a poor man's tripod if you weigh it down with a small piece of wood or something. I think the most interesting thing I've shot with it was a packing video. I slid the mount between a wall and a door frame and used it to shoot downwards toward the packing area.
  3. I can't believe people throw that mount out with the box! It works perfectly fine.
  4. Okay, ground wind speeds are up. I'm getting an entire METAR for each airport, so I can grab lots more data now. I just want to keep it small enough to fit on a mobile screen.
  5. Thanks Peek! Yeah that's why I'm hesitant to follow Brian's request. It's proving difficult to reconcile observation time differences between NOAA and my ground winds source (http://weather.aero/tools/dataservices/textdataserver/dataproducts/view/product/metars/section/examples). The challenge of mixing METARS, winds aloft, ground winds, clouds and local weather from different sources seems like a recipe for disastrous data. But it's a fun way to pass time during this harsh MN winter.
  6. Haha yeah probably, I went from conception to deployed in a night so I don't expect it to be better than anything that's been out there for years.
  7. I was actually thinking of broadening the compass arrow into a triangle to represent gusting winds. But that's just an idea. I definitely need to figure out the slider stops, as it's a little silly that the 24,000-39,000ft range takes up as much space as the 3000-12,000ft range. It's a product of some quick math. Once I come up with a better algorithm for determining stopping positions of the slider, it should be a lot better.
  8. Yeah it's 3 character IATA airport code. I'd like to translate that to cities, but at this point I'm trying to reconcile two different sources of data - once I figure out exactly how many airports I can get with full wind data (ground winds + winds aloft), I can add a full city to the selectbox instead of just the 3-character airport code.
  9. Hey everyone. I spent a few hours last week throwing together a tool to help visualize winds aloft at different altitudes. My goal was to keep it super simple and intuitive. It's available here: http://www.matterbug.com It takes data from NOAA, 4 times a day http://aviationweather.gov/products/nws/all It's obviously a work-in-progress, but if you want to check out the code or help out yourself - it's on GitHub: http://github.com/astuyve/wx2 Otherwise I'm totally open to suggestions. I'm going to try to get it to display ground winds and gusts. I'll be getting my data from http://weather.aero unless anyone has any better suggestions.
  10. I was scared for my first static line jump, and then again for my first jump with my new rig (went from a nav 220 to a sabre 150 at about 30 jumps) but not much fear after that. Skydivers aren't generally the scared type, but a little fear is good.
  11. haha this thread is EPIC on the nation! Viva la ST, I didn't know another PBNer jumped? I'm dyepsycho on the nation, I love this thread.
  12. Airventure is literally 10 minutes south of my house, definitely one of my favorite childhood memories. I'll try and stop buy if I'm not working, it's a riot.
  13. Thanks for all the help guys (and gals!) Money will be an issue (college is expensive these days!) but to be honest, this is something I want more than anything else I can think of. I have to sell my motorcycle to make some cash for school anyway, so I may as well spend some of that money skydiving. I'm leaving a message with my local skydiving school this afternoon after work, and I'll see what the hours are, and how they operate. Thanks!
  14. Sorry! Complete newbie here. I made a tandem jump on my 18th birthday, and now I can't stop thinking about the sky. I'm leaving for college in september, and I'd like to get an A license before I leave if possible. Could I achieve this with S/L? How often does the average DZ let you drop in a day? If I can't get the A license before I leave, how long can I put my progression on hold? I'm under the impression I need to jump every 30 days to stay current. Sorry if this has been asked over and over, I've poked around and came up empty. Thanks! AJ
  15. Thanks for all the PM's and comments guys. I wish I could jump every weekend, but money is tight. When I start making more money fighting (mma) I'll be able to jump more.