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  1. Though I've never had a PC "incident" I am aware that it is possible. I attempted to point all of the mounting screws or anything snaggable toward the inside. But lets be real here, all GoPros or cameras in general are snaggable. Thanks for the opinions. I do like how light my setup is and how it is more or less set it and forget it for the duration of the jump.
  2. Why left vs right? Wouldn't that put the lens even farther away from the center pivot (my neck)?
  3. I'm going to start flying camera this season. I decided not to use my G3 and fly my GAS to feel the wind in my face. I plan on using the GP3+B for video because the audio is sensational! The GP2 is for stills. Any suggestions on mounting? http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd118/NavyC4S/IMG_5164.jpg http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd118/NavyC4S/IMG_5165.jpg
  4. Thanks for the link. Also, now I'm thinking 150 because it is also EIS but takes SD card... so many choices. Sony, why can't you make an EIS with side loading SD card? One more thing, I'm fairly certian that the liquid lenses are NOT HD. It will still look better than using a regular SD camera, but for clarity and that good HD shot, get an HD lense. I have a Raynox 3030, it's a pretty big lense (especially compaired to a liquid) but it is VERY clear! You can tell a marked difference between two cameras, one with the liquid and one with the raynox. ETA: Link to some lense comparisons
  5. Ok, CX100 it is, they are readily available on ebay. Now on to lenses. Are the liquids any good for a 1st timer? How is it with damage resistance?
  6. How often do you pull the card and not just transfer the memory to a hard drive? I know the 160 can transfer directly to an external HD w/o using a computer. Can the 100 do this?
  7. I'm buying a camera setup to be used in the cookie CX110/150 cage and Liquid flatlock camera mount. 1st. Will the 160 fit in this cage? It is slightly larger than the 110/150. Are the features in the 160 really that much better? It is the newest "greatest" thing. Where is the SD slot? on the bottom or the side on the 160 vs 150/110? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Yeah, I saw that flap. I was trying to figure out if he was calling that the "race style collar"
  9. Why doesn't the zipper have a button attached to it to button at the top, or maybe it does now and the storm flap is obsolete
  10. For the guys, how is the fitment in the crotch area? I'd prefer it a little roomy down there. I don't think I'm too interested in the storm flap. I expect velcro to get so crapped up with lint, grass, anything and I don't want to deal with that. How high is your race collar? Does it have the button (or velcro) flap that buttons around the front of your neck or is in open? What is normal? ha ha I sent Vlady and email. Thanks
  11. I am ready to order an Inverted Suit. I don't understand a few of the options like: "Race Style Collar" "Storm Flap" "High Collar" "Rigid Collar" Where my Corporate logo can go and how I get "VERTICAL" on the leg. How many of your suits fit perfectly the FIRST time? Thanks!!!