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  1. After just watching student have malfunction and cutaway on a Hop and Pop, Instructor pulls down door and tells everyone on the load, "Well you know what they say, cutaways come in 3's!!"
  2. Congrats! I did absolutely nothing on my first jump, just dove out and just enjoyed being alone and watching the ground get closer and closer....ok ok I did do a back flip at about 6,000ft. I pulled at 4,500ft which was 1,000ft lower than AFF. Just enjoy it, realize your accomplishment of doing it on your own.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Im going to use the rental gear for as long as I can before getting gear, although the 20$ jump price is a heck of a lot better than the 55$ now. Im also definately going with used gear, although im horrible with decisions and will probably take forever to decide something so trivial as to what brand. I was way off on how long the gear would last, I was guessing a couple hundred jumps but these numbers are much higher and much better ! David
  4. As I get closer to my A license I am starting to check out some gear to put together. I also understand that down sizing is going to be an issue in the future so more than likely I will be purchasing used gear. My question to you guys is I know you cant put exact numbers on it but about how long will all this last? Container? Main and reserve chutes? Alti? And also if there is any of you that have cranked out numbers on a certain chute or container it would be cool to hear your number. THanks for all the input!!! David [dude3698]
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, I think im going with the Alti2 Galaxy and then eventually some kind of audible also. I have only heard great things about the Galaxy.
  6. I was wondering what a good choice for a altimeter would be for a beginner? I recently got cleared to solo status and was planning on buying small things along the way to the A license.
  7. I was reading a post earlier about someone trying to get a skydiving tattoo, as I read the responses someone mentioned that most skydiving careers are short. I was wondering with so many new students every year, how many decide to make more than 1 jump? And how long or how many jumps is the average person doing before they just stop? 50?
  8. +1 on "The Skydiving Handbook" by Dan Poynter and Mike Turoff. I was able to pick mine up from for less than $2.00. (used copy) perfect condition.
  9. Thanks again for all the advice!!! This is very helpful!!
  10. Hmm...I think they have one in orlando a couple of hours north of me.
  11. Ya the video seems like it would also help me a bunch, ill see if I can scrap the money together for this weekend. Also the hands being out of my field of vision is something I will think about next time. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks a lot for all of the advice it really helps. I see now what it is that I am doing wrong. As far as taking a jump to just relax and enjoy free fall, I think its a great idea and am going to give it a try. Still new and trying to learn everyday, i'm sure with more jumps I will be able to fix my instability. ..Thanks again for the advice and suggestions (feel free to post more ) , David
  13. I am currently on my AFF level 5 and was wondering if anyone had advice for me...I seem to keep potato chipping after release, it is pretty mild and I can still complete my dive flow objectives. My instructor gave me about 3 or 4 "relax" hand signals during the free fall. I attempted to respond to the signal by taking a deep breath and trying to relax.....I am wondering, is it because I am holding my arms and legs to stiff?....What would help me correct this problem?...... ....Any and all advice would be helpful THANKS!
  14. Ya its definately worth it, and the mental struggle is part of my attraction to it. Scheduled my AFF 3 - 4 this wednesday!!