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  1. HELLO to all .. Someone can tell me if the triathlon from Aerodyne is indicated for Wingsuit, it is a good choice for use in wingsuit ???!! Thanks
  2. PD Optimum or Paratec Speed 2000, which Pack Small!???Someone can tell me ???
  3. Does anyone have and can show photos of boxes for cx155/150,116 (various manufacturers), mounted on the helmet (side and top Mont) .. thanks ....
  4. Hi, You know tell me what the difference between the CX155 and CX116 (these are the European versions) !????! Thanks,
  5. Hi, I come here know if someone already tested the new Sony HDR-CX110E (U.S), HDR-CX116 (EUROPE) in Skydiving,if it works as CX-1OO!?, if so, it would be even better, because its size is smaller, as well as its weight.... Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I need to buy a SET LINE, for my PD SPECTER 170, and I wonder what kind of line is right for her. - 525 Dacron , - 550 Microline, - 825 Microline . !??? Thanks, Best Regards