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  1. Well my wife's pretty sure it wasn't Tami Carbone but actually I don't really care who it was. I d just like to get another one somewhere. So anyway, here's a picture and if Tami or anyone else can provide me with the same or similar I'd be grateful
  2. checked out Tami's site, they don't seem to have any bears that are suspended from a parachute (We have hung ours from the ceiling) maybe I'll take and post a pick here in a few
  3. When my wife and I were in Rantoul in '03 we picked up a teddy bear suspended from a stuffed parachute. It's now hanging in my little girl's room. I just finished an aviation themed nursery for our boy (due June 2) and I'd like to find another one of those bears. I can't for the life of me remember who we bought the last one from. I'm hoping someone on here will know who was selling them and if they're still available. thanks
  4. teamhypoxia

    BASE game

    somebody finally has a use for my canopy model?
  5. Think of it this way...... A video camera takes ~30 pictures every second for as long as your tape lasts (1 hour) A very nice, expensive digital still camera will take about 3 to 4 pictures a second and only for about 9 or 10 seconds. Full resolution digital images are simply too huge in terms of file size to be taking 30 of them per second. A typical still from my 10D is greater than 2mb. At 30 frames per second that would be 60mb/s (transfer rate problem) so a 1 minute video would be 360mb. An hour would be 21600mb or ~21 gig (storage problem). I'm sure someone will pick apart my math, what with rounding errors and all, but you get the idea.
  6. here's an idea cheap and works well for me and several others who bought one after seeing mine I have a film slr and lens, digital slr and two lenses, trv video camera and extras all held securely and safely in mine. The lenses are off the cameras when stored, but that should give you some idea of the capacity. edit to say: if you have a local Lowe's or Home Depot, I'd go there and look. The picture on the website depicts a divider with loops for tools and such, whereas mine came loaded with eggshell foam on top and customizeable foam (squares that are almost cut out... it's hard to explain) on the bottom. Regarless, if you bought the case with tool stuff in it you could buy the foam to fill it with.
  7. Beautiful! got it done now if we could just get someone with a brain to replace our outsourced it department and get them to fix our network.... oh and Mary.. I'm not really much of a computer geek, but I play one at work
  8. not using the quotations in the file at all... just on here here's one line of it: xcopy /D /Z /Y K:\Memorial_North_Hospital\Constructs\Plumbing_&_Piping\Med_Gas\00MG.dwg C:\Documents_and_Settings\ericj.HPE\Desktop\Memorial_North_Hospital\Constructs\Plumbing_&_Piping\Med_Gas\00MG.dwg & can't be helped at this point
  9. ok... almost have a working .bat first problem was spaces in the names of the folders fixed that using "_" now my problem is "&" in the names of a couple of folders not sure how to fix this one any hints?
  10. is this something I can write into a .bat file with all the file paths so that I can simply execute the .bat to automate it?
  11. got a little problem here at work.... there are multiple files living on a server in our office in another city. I need to frequently copy those files onto either a local server or my hard drive. the files are nested within seperate subfolders and need to be copied to identical seperate subfolders. I am currently doing it by navigating via explorer and "drag and dropping" but this is cumbersome. I'm thinking I need a .bat file or something that I can simply execute to automate this silliness but I have no idea how to write script for a .bat file. can anyone help me out? perhaps with a sample .bat script that I can reverse engineer? or even another suggestion entirely? thanks
  12. Okay, but I play by throwing the golf balls up in the air and shooting them with a .22 The trick is to shoot them at the top of their arc... after they quit going up and before they start coming down.
  13. I've never been to Speakers corner... is this what it looks like?
  14. he works as a pm for a general contractor it's a prerequisite.