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  1. thrillstalker

    new to skydiving and looking for help!

    what area are you in?
  2. thrillstalker

    Saber 2 question

    my 210 at 1.2 is pretty regular at 6 to 800. had a stuck slider once and it was 2000.
  4. thrillstalker

    Meat and 2 veg.

    you also need to think of the landing. if you dont have a perfect stand up you might fuck your shit up pretty bad. road rash on your ass doesnt sound very appealing to me.
  5. thrillstalker

    After 20 years, back in the air!

    hell yeah buddy, welcome back. i recently got to jump a blackhawk myself, they are some awesome machines and probably my most memorable jump. blue skies
  6. thrillstalker

    New to the sport (AFF student) - need some help.

    sound like you need someone to blame and picked the aff I's. dont get discouraged, you just have to get at it until it clicks.
  7. thrillstalker

    First Jump Course Complete

    just remember to smile and relax, you are doing this because it is fun
  8. thrillstalker

    Heya, new addict here :)
  9. thrillstalker

    My 1st jump is tomorrow

    welcome to the sky buddy. you want to jump and that is the first step in making it real!!! what type of jump are you planning on doing (aff, static line, tandem)?
  10. thrillstalker

    What Up From San Diego (sort of..)!!

    welcome to skydiving! i am not telling you what you should do, just what i did.
  11. thrillstalker


    they are completely different devices and i dont see any correlation between the two. the rsl will not cut your reserve closing loop if you get dirty low with nothing out.
  12. thrillstalker

    Safire2 vs Pilot vs Sabre2

    i have a sabre2 so ill comment on that one. i absolutely love the canopy. it flies great, flares great, and is all around fun. it is a very general canopy. it doesn't excel at anything, but there are no real cons either. i get end cell closure on almost every opening, but i've gotten used to it. off heading openings are also common, but my packing and deployment position are getting better and so are the openings.
  13. thrillstalker

    Hi from Kansas City!

    welcome to your vice, enjoy life
  14. thrillstalker

    welcome a new skydiver in North Carolina !

    welcome to the sport, it's a hell of a thing. here is a great book to get you acquainted with canopy flight. also the skydivers information manual (sim) is a good thing to read before your A license test.
  15. thrillstalker

    DZ's in ITALY

    you wanting to do tandem or aff or are you experienced?