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  1. Your google skills far exceed mine; I was unable to find it. Thanks for the help! Ted
  2. Thanks! Edited with attachment.
  3. Looking for job opportunities and this was the image on a life sciences company! Curious if stock photo or if they work there (for obvious networking potential ;-) )
  4. The 8 hour "bottle to throttle" and the BAC
  5. I looked at the L-3.... It was a tough decision. In the end, I chose the "no one gets fired for buying Garmin" approach. Nothing more than emotion. The L-3 looks sick.
  6. I recently went with an all Garmin stack (430W, GTX-345, FlightStream, etc). It is hard to argue that they do not play well together. The fit and finish of the Garmin products has been excellent - although for the premium you should expect it to be.
  7. I have a PA24-250 and was considering the Dynon. Check out the Garmin instead (I was quoted around $3500 installed). https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/in-the-air/general-aviation/indicators/g5-electronic-flight-instrument-for-certificated-aircraft/prod570665.html
  8. As a jump pilot I operate the light as it was done when I first took AFF. I turn the yellow light on a certain distance - possibly changing from load to load - depending on who is on the plane (Tis alone or fun jumpers) and my knowledge of how long it will take them to (1) notice the light (2) open the door (3) climb out after the green is given. For me, yellow means open the door and stick your head out to spot, occasionally checking for the green. By the time I give the green you should go (assuming you like the spot and have checked for traffic). I have no problem doing a second pass anytime a jumper wants one within reason. Ultimately, they are the ones getting out and they should be comfortable with it. The challenge I have, as mentioned in the article, is the type that, on a green light, eats of half of the available jumprun (say, half a mile) taking their time to setup and go. I have no problem with a reasonable amount of time, but some take a bit too long. TL;DR: For me, yellow means spot and green means go (if you like the spot you already checked).
  9. I am not familiar with the medical standards in NZ, so if they are substantially different from the US my opinion may be off topic. I don't think this will result in much of an impact on US FAA standards for AMEs and testing. This would not really have been detectable. From the article "One of the three other pilots in the cockpit at the time took control of the plane, taxiing it to the gate, while the others went to her aid." This is why unmanned flight is unlikely, at least in my lifetime. Multi-crew aircraft with a PF and a PM (and in many cases a relief crew) are there for this type of event. She sounds like she was an awesome lady though.
  10. I know that repeat threads can be tiresome but whenever any company offers the level of customer service that L&B does the very least I can do is the let others know. I won't go in to all the details about the problem or resolution. I think it is enough to say that L&B far exceeded not only my expectations but any measure of great customer service. There is a reason why I only buy altimeters from them. There is a reason why when I thought my Altitrack was beyond repair that I did not think twice about ordering a new altimeter from L&B. There are a number of companies in this sport which offer great service but L&B is (in my opinion) the gold standard. Thank you Mads for the always quick responses to email and for getting an Altitrack back in my hands.
  11. This seems legit. "We can therefore dissamble the Plane so u can get one or all of the turbines exclusively."
  12. Some of the local DZ's tend to be a little optimistic about the weather when you call. I have driven 50 miles a few times to find that out the hard way.