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  1. Four years ago in Poland during wingsiut jump an experienced skydiver (1600 jumps) was died. Low experience in wingsuit fly (less than 25) + large wingsiut (Vampire 3) caused rotation of jumper at the deployment. The result of line twist of Crossfire2 135 and viloent spinning. After cut off on the back, the RSL opened the reserve, which entangled with the camera on his helmet. So be safe and when start use the smaller suits- something as: I-Bird or Phantom
  2. First 10 - Birdman GTI - easy to fly and stable next 30 - Birdman S3 - enjoy to fly next 20 - Vampire 1 - enjoy the speed then Birdman Blade - enjoy the flocking
  3. You are right I mean Maldives Sorry typing error Thanks Boogers for links
  4. Please let to know possibility of skydiving on Malevides. Dropzone if any requirements contact person. Blue skies ik
  5. Does anyone uses GPS Wintec WBT 202 to wingsuit tracks? Willing to get opinion.
  6. Thanks F111 Thirds was OK. ik
  7. These have actually been in the pipeline for a while now, but unfortunately i've held them up. I had a cold. Long story. If you're local, would be more than happy to show you how to rig the suit - or reach out to a coach, they'll all know
  8. Looking for instructions Vampire-1. Can someone send a link. Thanks in advance ik
  9. Better rent GTI for app. 10 jumps and buy a bigger one.