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  1. Wow. Just remember another great moment. This is the first time I met 2001 on the Women's World Record. We were on the same airplane together and thought it would be "funny" to stage a "cat fight" at 2,000 ish feet in the airplane. Told our camera guy to get it on video and sure enough..she yells from near the cockpit "Hey Beatch here are some "floaties" since you have such a fat arse...stop going low" I yelled back from near the door..until we finally dove at each other into the center of the airplane...pulling hair, scratching, blah blah blah... We found it very retrospect not really appreaciated on a record a "talking to" But funny nonetheless. It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  2. One night I will never forget with Mariann was the TSL finials last year. In spirit of the team "Anal Jihad"..everyone was running around from the movie Team America...waiving their hands over the heads "blalalalalalalalalala". Much to the shigrin of those arond M and me...we found it funny to imitate well through the night and into the next day... Mariann was a caring, empathetic, vibrant and insightful friend. Thankyou for all the fun times and meaningful talks.... Love, Kelley It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  3. Okay, I am forced on here to defend myself. Should my brother Hixxx be able to make fun of his poor SWEET kid sister in pink?? Everyone knows it isn't fair to make fun of red heads in pink.. BTW..hello everyone..Thanks for the weekend! It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  4. Thanks everyone for your input! I am really just trying to find out if any women's teams plan on competing in advanced. Please get them in contact with me, if possible! Good luck everyone and yes, see you at Nationals. It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  5. Hey! I was just wondering if anyone knows of any all women 4 way teams that are planning to compete at Nationals this year. Thanks! It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  6. Sherry, It is Kelley F from Spaceland. Just wanted to give a bit more sympathy. You are absolutely right...there are not a lot of people to fit it and there is NO where someone could jump that without being caught... Hope it works out... It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  7. No biggie, There are a lot of people to love and respect in my community (Fighters)...just so happens, "Biff" isn't one of them. It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  8. A really good article. Oh my god. You have got to be kidding. This guy is an IDIOT. The guy who wrote article and the steeley eyed pilot as well. How do I know this?? I was a RIO in Squadron 213, when we flew him. (Yes, with a cool callsign too) The cool fighter guys like "Biff" have to be kidding me. The most arrogant, self absorbed excuse for a leader I have ever seen. He destroyed countless of good naval officer's careers (not including mine, but I saw many destroyed). He got a top 5 blue angel select grounded for personal reasons..the list goes on. Oh, did I mention, he wanted to send the first female to Top Gun (who was lazy and incompetent) because he was sleeping with her???? So go ahead, love him and the article, but it is all B***shit.... And oh by the way, the only bigger joke in Aviation is Scott O'Grady being a hero... I think I am done now. It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  9. Okay. Dates are SET! We have divided up onto two dates because skydiving schedules are tough to match! August 3rd and August 10th. Still looking for more cities to do a crawl or a cocktail at a single bar on one of those dates! People, this is EASY EASY EASY. With one hour of work, I got four bars to commit and a micro brew to donate a keg for the DZ to raise money. IT is so easy, all you have to do is ask and you will be surprised at the response. Jaimie Johnson in Atlanta has a great idea. She got tandems donated and is using one as incentive to bartenders and waiters at her bars to get poeple to register. The employee with the most registration wins a tandem! Sweet idea, keep rockin girls!! It is mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack, not rationality. -Black Mamba
  10. A big thanks to Atlanta! Jaimie Johnson, Tammy Tatum, Jennifer DeLong, Becca Garrison Okay all!! The Coast to Coast Crawl is Houston, Atlanta, Chapel Hill! We need some on the West Coast! Come on guys, it REALLY is not a lot of work..I will do most of it for you, just need you to do the leg work with the bars! Thanks! Kelley
  11. Correction, the lovely Ms. Fouche will be doing Chapel hill!! Thanks Nicole!
  12. Yes I am (Team Rewind will be present), and I would love for it to be international!!!! That would be so cool!! Maybe we can send Hixxx to Siberia to do one there!
  13. A big Welcome to Nicole Fouche who has commited Reliegh to the list of cities! Thanks Nicole! Who's Next?????
  14. Hiya, I am so sorry to hear about your girlfriend. My mother died from breast cancer and that is why I am doing JFTC. Please see Crawl for the Cause, it is a Pub Crawl we are doing in Atlanta, Houston and Reliegh August 3rd (and looking for more cities to join!) which we are hoping for national coverage on and can get really big. I did a cocktail party/raffle and raise 1800$ a couple weeks ago. It takes remarkably little time to do and I can guide you! Also, it has been such a great opportunity to meet other people this disease has affected, it is truly inspiring! Blue Skies, Kelley
  15. Heine..there he goes again!!! Hixxx, step away from that sheep.
  16. Very well, you pay for what I drink Wed night and send the bill to HIXXX!! He owes me a couple kegs by the way I see it! Where's my twin?
  17. Don't ask my brother if I am hot. His lifetime of reactions from constant physical rejection, might surface here. All you need know is my definition of sex does not included Farm animals..ask him about velcro gloves... So I would like to make a public apology for incorporating my disfynctional brother into this sport because now he is in your life. But now you know how I feel because he has only been in your life for a couple years and I have been emotionally stricken for 28. (I am taking donations to the mental health recovery of Hixxx's sister) Thank you for your time! An yes, fellow Texans, I will roll my heffer body over to the bar for some Miller Lite!!! Hey Hixxx, how do you like me now? And yes, I will fly circles around you in the tunnel! Oh..I don't forget to get involved in Pub Crawl for the Cause (see thread) Love, Hixxx's sister
  18. Okay. Pint glasses are a go! They are $1.50/piece and expect up to $.50/glass for shipping (worse case scenario) So $2.00 pint glasses works for me! Let me know if you are intrested! They are single color white etched JFTC logo just like the shot glasses in the store.
  19. Also, I have already done Cocktail for the Cause. It is a bit smaller in scope because you are only dealing with one bar. I arranged it in, no kidding, one week (And I was out of town for 4 days of it). Flyers are already made, use mine!! (I have them on word) All you have to do is ask your favorite bar to host and collect as many prizes as time allows!! So those of you that might be intrested in something smaller, do Cocktail for the Cause on the same day and we can still do our national toast! Let me know what date is good for you, how bout August 10th? Here is what I did. I arranged a happy hour with drink specials and a raffle. I went to restaurants and bars and got gift certificate donations for the raffle. I got great donations, 100$ dinners, free happy hours for 50, massages, free Guest Suite stays, etc. I got a lot of bars to donate by saying I would bring them a video to show at their bar after the jump was complete! I sold raffle tickets 1/5$, 3/10$, 5/20$. People were laying down 100$ for 25 raffle tickets, no kidding! I raised 1800$ in one night!!! I have flyers etc noting the prizes if you want to see them or if you have questions about how I set the cocktails up, feel free to contact me! I also gave out JFTC stickers (from this website) which gave everyone a free drink at the bar next door. And I got the postcards to send out as a thank you (I asked addresses on raffle tickets) Blue Skies, Kelley
  20. Announcing the Coast-to-Coast Crawl for the Cause!!!! Ladies, my name is Kelley Frederickson and I am organizing what will HOPEFULLY be a multi-city Pub Crawl fundraiser! The possible dates are July 6, July 20, or August 3, 2002. If you are interested in arranging in your city, please let me know the best date for you. We will try to get as many cities together as possible on a single date! The idea is to ask local pubs located in crawling distance to participate. We then can individually buy pint glasses (w/JFTC logo) and JFTC stickers. That way when people register, we can give them a pint glass, JFTC sticker, and hourly itinerary and they start to crawl. I am asking each pub to donate a free drink or happy hour prices ($2 draft domestic/ $3 draft import/$3 well drinks) to those with a sticker/pint glass (stickers are back ups to those with glasses that might be broken through the day). Email me for sample flyer! The donations are from the registration, between the glasses and the stickers, it should be about $5 overhead (*more exact prices to come) and registration 35$ so you make 30$/crawler. More donations can be made from a raffle at the last place on the route. Ask local bars/restaurant/stores for donations. Tell them what you are raising money for and that you need raffle prizes. You will be surprised how generous they will be! Dinners for two, gift certificates, etc… look for prizes that value $25 or more. Sell your raffle tickets for 5$/one, 10$/three (depending on the value of your prizes) Finally, during this Pub Crawl event, at 7:30 pm central, a toast will be raised in different cities as a Toast for the Cause! If everyone could take a picture of their toast, we can combine pictures and send articles to national newspapers/magazines to advertise our jump/ cause. Let’s see how many cities we can get involved! Want to organize in your city? Email Kelley at [email protected]! Thanks!
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    sad news

    Brad was a person who cared more for this sport and the people in it than most I have known. He would take his time out for anyone and genuinely cared about his or her safety. I regret I am not in Va Beach for his memorial service. All my thoughts are with those able to attend and pay respect to a great man and a great skydiver.