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  1. First impressions on Pulse 150: Extremely positive. Only 26 jumps on it but here it goes anyway. First, here's my canopies background: 300 Jumps in large school canopies 25 Jumps on PF Electra 210 350 Jumps on PD Spectre 190 25 Jumps on PD Spectre 150 I've about 80kg. Pulse Openings: On heading feel, direct yet soft. Just simple and effective. With this canopy I got to troubleshoot what I believe to be an personal packing bad habit I was developing: Initial phases of deployment seemed real nice but, on final stage of inflation and descending slider, sometimes the canopy gained some tension and turned. Found out to be common behaviour on different canopies... so, "seek the human factor" :) Then I realized I was getting sloppy on oversized lines stowing and lack of tightness on bag rubber bands. After correcting this, did not feel unwanted motion building above or unbalanced moves again, ever. Have experienced nice smooth transitions to flight mode. The main impression on openings was a solid feel. Very nice feel. No trouble here. Pulse flight: The first thing I felt about this canopy, I have to say, was recognition the announced flying profile was present. Flying this canopy is much more a forward than downward business. You can feel the different glide angle, other than Spectre 190, more horizontal, as expected. Already found that to be quite comfortable in case of long spots. Makes you smile up there. When full brakes applied, the canopy flew quite some time before finally starting to stall. Predictable. Half breaks and recovering was accomplished with no overall sensation of unexpected behaviour. Sharp reaction to toggle input. I found no trouble at all to loose altitude when needed. Have experienced light turbulence conditions a couple times on landing, canopy seemed to handle that well no sudden loss of heading, nor shape, just little increment on vertical speed. Front risers inputs...well yes... tension, but haven't really tried them yet or even use those that much. Pulse Landings: Takes only a couple landings to get the point. Found it easy to land, really. The first landing had a little late breaking but not much of a problem to this gliding canopy. Must keep in mind this one will not hop, though. I believe the difficulty in landing precision is a myth. As for any other canopy, just takes some jumps to get familiar with the flight and then is just natural. Pulse Packing: Out of nowhere, I'm a packing GOD now. That quote about woman´s lingerie keeps returning my mind while folding the low bulk fabric... :) Great all around canopy.
  2. Hi all. Some more time has passed. Seems like a lot of people is gathering info on this one. Any more feedbacks about PD Pulse out there? Flight characteristics sound great. Haven't found much information about the new low-bulk fabric long term resilience/durability in time and overall comparative speed of canopy. Cheers!