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  1. Sorry for the unclear subject, what I meant was surely commercial balloon tandem jumps. As in plain balloon rides, where on top a TI takes a pax and jumps out at some point. No DZ involved in this. My personal opinion is that this is an accident waiting to happen, potentially with high risk of injury. I make that opinion based on the fact that rig manufactures specifically ban demo tandem jumps. Or am I being too judgemental?
  2. What exactly is a level 1 landing area? Does a random field that looks like its level, along the balloon trajectory qualify?
  3. Really? Can you elaborate on this direct quote from the sigma manual then? The person in question holds USPA TI rating, but the jumps were not done in USA. So its interesting what a) USPA position on that b) TI community opinion in general on such jumps Jumper experience in question is a few hundred tandem jumps and a bit over a thousand skydives total.
  4. Is that allowed for USPA TI rating holders? Because I'm pretty sure both USPA and rig manufacturers ban tandem demo jumps, and balloon jumps from 13 000 feet that drop wherever are at least as dangerous as a demo jump. Should this be reported to someone, or is it not such a big deal?
  5. You're insulting and offending - do you think that makes you credible?? He recently pm'ed me online with death threats
  6. God created Ebola.....since the Christian claim is that god created everything. well screw him...what a prick for creating a disease that kills so many people. For that matter screw him for creating any and all disease. Do people that die from horrible diseases go to heaven to suffer in eternity? Or are they cured there......? And if they can be cured there, then why would god put them through all the suffering here before rewarding them there? sure, because even good comes out of suffering according to the bible [/bat-shit-crazy] Your god is one strange dude, and not actually worthy of my time, nor my respect. Much like you. "My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the lord" - Hebrews that 'guy' has a complex and some serious ego problems. He needs counseling. perhaps you could help Ron. Don't forget the 7 plagues and the child murders. Why would a god murder innocent children? Where's the holiness in that?
  7. That's what they used to say about Canada
  8. Was the universe, earth and mankind created as literally stated in the Book of Genesis by God? I think we need to start off with something simpler. Who was created first, humans or dinosaurs? Why didn't dinos eat all the humans?
  9. Keep sucking down that State owned news channel narrative that Moscow has created. I would love to hear your thoughts on all of the Russian soldiers dying in 'training' exercises along the Ukraine border or the ones that are dying without any explanation to their families. This guy was recently permanently banned from the largest(and only) russian speaking skydiving forum, so thats why he is here
  10. There are no kgb in Ukraine, not since 1991 We have Ukraine Security Service. You might wanna stop using google translate pal, because your quotes make little sense that way
  11. You can leave the russian propaganda to ignorant idiots They did? Really? Any proof to that? A recording maybe, a statement? They did? Really? Any proof to that? And who are those opponents excactly? You can call military invasion what you want, it's still military invasion. And for the last time, there are no Nazi running around Ukraine. There are some minor groups, but no mere than in any other counrty, and definately a lot less than in russia.
  12. They have, and they did. Coup in Crimea, and at least 40 killed by russian sniper in Kiev.
  13. The guy with the chute was to signal brakeoff. He let go of the formation and pulled, and as the result he dropped below during his opening sequence. The other guy caught his lines and slided sideways. Both are ok, nothing except slight linetwists
  14. A word about that... Yes, some in Ukraine people do change the DOM, but for buerocratic purposes only. The head of the DZ is aware of the gearstate, and if its in bad shape, you will not use it. This is done because its pretty pointless to throw out a canopy that's more then 10 years old, but only has about 150 jumps. If it was laying on a shelf for 8 years, then after a tune-up, its very jumpable.
  15. sorry, but no. about 4 days a week tops. except for boogies ofcourse.