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  1. I think he removed it, but luckily I saved it before
  2. Whats wrong to stay on navigator to nail does landings every time? And how can you half the 9?
  3. What about under canopy, was it accurate?
  4. Simple and effective, nice one
  5. I never said anything about malfunctions... All I was trying to say is that with that kind of parameters, they shouldn't be aloud to sell them. Its not like choosing the color or something, its plain dangerous, that simple.
  6. No one is forgetting the swooping accident. The thing is that was not an error *in the system*... It operated within it's parameters, period. It is not the fault of the CYPRES unit that the operational parameters were met AFTER the parachute was opened. The Vigil did the same thing (fired when parameters were met). You may not LIKE the parameters, but that is different than a malfunction of this type. So you could lump the Vigil and the CYPRES into the "I don't like the parameters that it works" And that would be fine. But the Argus is creating a situation where it does not work properly. Worse, in some rigs it locks the reserve closed. I didn't buy a Vigil based on the door issues. I didn't buy an Argus based on the groundings in Europe. I don't fly a 69sqft canopy anymore so I could easily live within the parameters of the CYPRES... so I bought a CYPRES. Well, you cannot compare this who things.. why? Cause one is caused by the user, and other can be caused by someone else. Yes they both fired when parameters were met but you really can't compare them and dump it in the same basket. If I buy A car, and MF says if you drive it more then 200mph your brakes will fail, and later added 250mph version, I'd be ok with that. But if I buy B car, and MF says if you drive it and a kid in the back opens window your steering wheel will brake, and on top of that says they are aware but ok with that... well I really can't be ok with that.
  7. We were promised about 1500m, and then we got 3200m.. Damn we were pissed
  8. First it was 200 bucks, then 250, and now i finally getting around to order it, guess what its 370. I know I am from Europe and taxes and shipping cost some, but that's just crazy. I don't wanna sound like I'm bitching, but I am
  9. It depends if its second model or the first. Cypres 2: Lifetime Warranty Period: 12.5 years from date of manufacture. Cypres 1: Total lifetime 12 years from date of manufacture + 3 months maximum So if its second model then it is designed and legal to have it installed 6 months after 12 years, and if its first model then its 3 months.
  10. Its a Memory Stick Micro or M2 short, and my low budget reader can read it no problems. If you want I can copy that for you, or you can easily find adapter for it.
  11. Nice vid, but how many times did guy said "basically" Funny
  12. Am I being senile or was it 50$ cheaper a week ago?
  13. Depends on your packing skills, some find it easy, some very hard.
  14. look here http://www.unitedparachutetechnologies.com/PDF/CHART_00037___Rig_Sizing_Chart_11_28_58%281%29.pdf
  15. Google Picasa is not only online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rskC6c_5L1M
  16. In my core, I just lock to alti mode, and you can press all day, and it will still show altitude
  17. You can't count Neox, cause he is looking to buy a "computer" But yea, alti and l&b have better reputation.
  18. Are you sure about that? Cause mine comes with LED port and it is water resistant. To OP: for me is working great. So far reliable, its small, accurate and price is reasonable. On top L&B have great costumer service. According to Mads at L&B the Optima II with the LED port will be available in January 2010. It will be approximately a $50 option. So I don't think it's available yet. None of our Optima II units we have here have them. The original Optima did, but we've sold out of those. We do have the Optima II with LED port on order. Mike Then its just an empty hole
  19. In some countries its illegal to use term like waterproof, cause they aren't really. As long as they are water resistant to survive being in the water. I don't think someone will go diving with it.
  20. Are you sure about that? Cause mine comes with LED port and it is water resistant. To OP: for me is working great. So far reliable, its small, accurate and price is reasonable. On top L&B have great costumer service.