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  1. i may be wrong but most cessnas the door is on the right...most otters have left since the door is on the opposite side than the cessna you have to exit with your opposite foot 1st/last
  2. is the nitron similar to the stiletto? Ive been flying a 150 nitron for about 60 jumps or so, but its a friends n I'm looking to downsize and am partial to PD. So i was thinking either a Sabre2 150 or a stiletto 150...
  3. since we've got that cleared up, back to the original question. Will a sabre2 150 have more or less performance than a nitron 150?
  4. i didnt read many of the posts, so im not sure what has been said or not but NEVER use skyride...theyre just after your money and give skydiving a terrible rep
  5. I think some people are getting confused between a Nitro, manufactured by High Performance Research, and the Nitron, manufactued by Precision Aerodynamics. My exit weight is just under 200lbs. Im loading a 150 at less than 1.35.
  6. Was looking to downsize from my Sabre2 190 to a Sabre2 150 since ive lost about 40lbs and 130 jumps since i got my 190. I've been jumping an Nitron150 for about 50 or so jumps. But my question is: What has better performance a Sabre2 150 or a Nitron 150? if anyone could eleborate too thatd be awesome
  7. is this really a scam? has anyone done any business with him? weve been emailing for about a week now and hes willing to send me a check and wait for it to clear before i send the canopy. i donno if i should send him my address to mail the check or not
  8. yea i was down at san marcos yesterday and they told me 2 weeks cuz they have about 17 rigs to do. but ill call temple
  9. Anyone know a senior or master rigger in the San Antonio Area that could put my rig together on short notice???