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  1. I went scuba diving with a guy once who was looking to log a large number of dives as quick as possible for a master diver challenge. One saturday we went out to a quarry and he would go down to 20 feet and sit there for 20 minutes before coming up. Rinse and repeat. Let's just say that if I am ever on a trip and I have the option between a dive master who has done the minimum required number of dives but they have been real dives, more than just the 20 minutes at 20 feet, I would choose them over the 20 feet for 20 minute guy any day. 200 jumps is not just a quantity of jumps, it is a quantity of experience. blog:
  2. Pwlk

    Start Skydiving

    This is actually the only DZ I have ever been to and can't imagine anywhere else being more friendly and up-to-date. The manifest system is fantastic, scan your card to get on a load. The gear rental is affordable and quality. The packers are quick and pack well. When it is time to go home, I definitely leave a happy customer.
  3. Sitting at my desk / Not quite sure how I got here / It must be Monday ... blog:
  4. or is it the fact that it is the off-duty cops that need to be taught said lesson? blog:
  5. Pwlk


    Blue Angels are going to be in Indianapolis, IN this weekend! Fly Navy! blog:
  6. is this customary? blog:
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    sorry for the double post, but thought I would share also a link to my blog post about the jump which also has my video embedded (youtube) Enjoy: blog:
  8. Pwlk


    Just made my first AFF jump on Sunday and LOVED it! Looking forward to continuing on and making more jumps. Thanks again for all the great gouge on this site! blog:
  9. mmmmmmmmmm blog:
  10. my macbook blog:
  11. My golden (Maggie) twitches sometimes, but what really makes people laugh is her snoring... Dear goodness that girl can snore!!! blog:
  12. Pwlk


    Thanks skymama, lots of great gouge on the site!
  13. Pwlk


    Hey, found the forum while doing a little research about becoming a licensed skydiver. I'm from Cincinnati, OH and am looking into AFF. I'll probably lurk for a while before getting too much into posting, but I'll be around! blog: