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  1. Edited to delete...I've come to realize these forums are ridiculous. Any time I come on here its always (even though there is sometimes good advice that I have received and accepted) someone looking for a way to bash someone. Trolling the forums looking for the first person they can correct, fix, or otherwise humiliate. It's not worth the other 80% of bullshit you read to get the 20% of good out. I can get that 20% good from the DZ instead. I am a skydiver, I love doing it, I know I am on my way to being a proficient flyer, evidence from those I jump with and the analyzing of my jumps tells me this. Why do I need every skydiver around the world to tell me otherwise? Anyways, I'm deleting my account(if a mod could please do that for me)...see you around DZ's. -Evo Zoo Crew
  2. The GoPro is one major snagpoint, other cameras would perhaps not be as much of a problem. This is of course speculations but nobody can argue that even if they are smaler cameras (GoPro, Contour, Drift etc.) they are (usually) a much bigger snaghazard. Condolences Who are you kidding? Larger cameras(Not in a box and especially with stills) are much larger...making them a much larger snag point. The GP is small, and (usually) just mounted by a piece of 3M tape. If a GP was to get snagged, I'm willing to bet it would get ripped off in most cases (also because I have seen and heard of this happening at least 6 times). I understand that this BASE jump had a snag on a GP, but what position was she in when she pulled? Was the GP screwed to her helmet? Anyways, my point here is this, and I think most old timers can agree, the major hazard with a small format camera is NOT the snag hazard, it's the distraction. I understand this has happened a few times, but compare it with the snags on larger format cameras and the GP's snags pale in comparison. -Evo Zoo Crew
  3. Don't forget you can spot from the ground before the jump too. I just moved to Hawaii and pulled myself off a load for my first jump there because of the low cloud cover. Luckily in hawaii the weather changes fairly quickly. As far as being taught spotting. My instructors were awesome for this..and I also attribute the training I got to the fact that the DZ ran cessnas...which meant we could do more personalized real-time stuff. We used to go up..and my instructor would have the pilot go off heading purposely and have me bring him back. She also taught me how to properly look down...and not out. Being able to spot has saved me from a couple off dz landings already in my small amount of jumps...and it becomes crucial when you visit a new DZ for the first time and are given an aerial photo of a DZ....its nice to be able to see that photo and then recognize things while in the air. -Evo Zoo Crew
  4. I have a J3K container made for a 170 and had a Spectre 170 in it at first. I recently bought a Safire2 149 and am using it in the same container and bag. Fits fine and was checked by a rigger and a few experienced packers all of them saying the fit was good...I don't think you'll have a problem. -Evo Zoo Crew
  5. Skydive Delmarva and Wespoint are both awesome dropzones! Zoo Crew
  6. To the OP, I jump with an Optima 2, and have zero complaints, works like a charm, is fully adjustable and has programable canopy chimes(I use it for a second reference to start my downwind, cross and final). Its like 20$ more than the solo and is worth every extra penny IMHO. To Fendor, Don't turn it off....those audibles automatically go into a sleep mode and turn back on when they sense an altitude change...Ive had mine on for almost a year now...battery is still fully charged. -Evo Zoo Crew
  7. -Green Street Hooligans -V for Vendetta -Lucky Number Slevin -Oceans 11 -Inception -LOTR -Anchorman -Superbad -Evo Zoo Crew
  8. Well I am moving to Hawaii this month Gunna be pretty close, but I still wouldn't use this board lol. Alot of people keep saying sell it for jump money, I plan on doing alot more than jump in Hawaii, to include surfing and scuba diving. I love skydiving, but its not ALL I want to do(but its close) -Evo Zoo Crew
  9. So this Brett guy is fat, dead and didn't sign a lotta stuff? It's not a Babe ball...there isn't the mass interest in surfing that baseball holds. Use the board...ding it up and make a coffee table out of it. Hey, I have a baseball sign by Joe Pepitone I'll trade ya! haha not in any of those respects, but some people do consider Babe the best in baseball, and so is Brett in surfing. Plus, the mass interest in baseball is centrally located in the US...surfing is popular world wide. I already know what I am going to do with it, its going up on the wall in mint condition. I was just very surprised to hear that my friends would ride the thing. They also didn't realize how much abuse a surfboard goes through, I mean to say the preparation (waxing) and actual riding(scratching) is apparent after even the first use. Anyways, this guy is the #1 surfer in the world two years straight, it's def being preserved. Zoo Crew
  10. So I recently won an online competition posted by Hurley. They said send a picture of you and your Hurley gear to win. So I sent in the picture attached to this message(I have a Hurley jumpsuit made by liquidsky) and won. Now the question is, would you use the board, or keep it as memorabilia? I was planning on hanging it on the wall in my room, but some friends seem to think that I should surf with it. What is your opinion? I compare this board in surfing, to owning a baseball signed by Babe Ruth. -Evo Zoo Crew
  11. Not on mine, both pieces are plastic inside and out, The one on the inside is a big button with a slit where you can use a flat head screwdriver to hold or turn in place. The outside looks the lid of a can with the plastic fitted piece that actually holds the spring compressed and the visor on. Once I figured out how the thing worked, getting the second one off was a breeze. All I did was place firm pressure with my palm on the outside piece, while with a screwdriver I turned the inside piece...once the the slot was lined up correctly, the spring decompressed and up popped the joint. Then it was a simple prying game to get all of the components off and the studs out of the helmet. Just to clarify for future questions like this, understanding how the system works will help greatly with taking it apart. So I will explain briefly what how it works. The inside piece is a stud with a specific shape, the outside piece has a hole in it the size of the stud and a section where only the specific shape of the stud will fit. The mechanism works by compressing a spring between the two and once the stud has been inserted in the hole**(haha)and the joint has been twisted to a point that the stud no longer matches up with its hole, the spring applies pressure to keep it in that position therefore keeping the joint from coming apart. So on removal..all you gotta do is spin the stud till it matches up with the shape on the other piece. -Evo Zoo Crew
  12. Yea this is just a plastic button looking thing with a slit in it, no place for any sockets. Thanks for the replies, I am going to try again and I'll post back with my success or failure lol -Evo Zoo Crew
  13. Hey, quick question for the z1 Helmet owners...I am trying to take off the visor..and even when reading the results of searching, am having a really hard time seeing what I am suppose to do. The inside of the connector looks like a giant screw head nad the outside looks like it could be twisted by hand but has a plastic line in the middle of a hole. For the life on me I can't figure this out, and don't want to continue cause I am afraid of breaking the connector. -Evo Zoo Crew
  14. Well Dave ya got me here, that was a really good explanation and I sincerely agree with you. I will try and incorporate looking over my shoulder and tracking , the thing that got me was, 'what would I do if someone was there when I barrel rolled'....well Dave...I guess just go low, which like you said, is not a good alternative. Thanks for the more gracious reply, just was defending what I was taught by someone with more experience than I. . See, even '100 jump wonders' can admit they are wrong haha but seriously, I really do appreciate the more direct r and non condescending notation on that last reply. Blue Skies. -Evo Zoo Crew
  15. I was not aware we were talking about a barrel roll in a track, so I will abstain from commenting on that. As far as my post and your reply, who said I was forcing anything on anyone? You got very defensive here, and seem to think I made up the barrel roll all on my own. Quite to the contrary, I was taught by an experienced free flier, the uses of a barrel roll and when to use it. Of course you wouldn't do so on a 15 and up way, but there really is no harm otherwise. Simply put, there are more ways to check airspace than the way you mentioned, and writing the others off because it's not 'your way' is silly. I track from breakoff(usually 5000ft) to about 3500ft. Immediately after in one smooth movement, go belly to earth and barrel roll(I don't ALWAYS do it but there are times I like to depending how the jump went) which takes about 500 ft, then I pull. Nothing sacrificed, reasonable pull altitude and track time. But you are right, 100 jump wonders are full of shit and make shit up all the time so nothing they say could hold any value...... Don't forget that jump number is not a reflection of intelligence. -Evo Zoo Crew
  16. Not to be a sarcastic asshole, but are you all pulling in a track? I mean we are not talking about a barrel roll during the track, we are talking about rotating over after the track while you are in 'belly to earth' right before pull time. This is especially important in FF jumps where experience levels are varied, a back track is even more useful. I don't always barrel roll, but if I am on more than a 3 way, you can guarantee it, there is no harm in a barrel roll after your track...you've cleared your horizontal distance and are falling straight down. Check above you...might save a life. -Evo Zoo Crew
  17. I saved up in Iraq and used the money for AFF. I saw that you just finished AFF...get ready for the BIG expenses lol. I did a little calculating the other day...in my short 150 jumps, including gear and everything skydiving related...I've spent about 9K The things you'll do for love -Evo Zoo Crew
  18. Just curious, but why'd you opt for a second tandem instead of investing that money into the FJC? Regardless welcome to the sport. -Evo Zoo Crew
  19. Man...I would have waited to register and pay the extra 20 for a chance to win 5 jump tickets lol Can I unregister and re register? -Evo Zoo Crew
  20. lol you know when we decided to try this, we looked it up, saw nothing was officially recorded and then just figured, "it's Delaware, who the hell jumps out here but us?" As soon as we got to the DZ this weekend and told people, Crw formations from the past started sprouting up like crazy haha, but like you said, none of it was recorded. Anyways, we didn't get to try it this weekend, one of our guys was a no show, but we are shooting for the weekend of the 30th to make it happen. We also sprouted more interest at the DZ, so maybe we can get it bigger than a 4-stack, we'll see. I will be sure and update on this post after that weekend. Yea man, I love some Crw, only have 12-15 Crw jumps and all of those only 2 stacks but I'd love to learn more and get bigger. Hopefully next weekend we can get the 4-stack and get the award from USPA. -Evo Zoo Crew
  21. I am moving to Hawaii next month and am planning to visit NZ anyway...visiting during a boogie would be even better though! I'm interested in details. -Evo Zoo Crew
  22. I posted not to long ago in a topic about adjusting body position in a tracking dive to stay relative to others on the jump. Unfortunately those adjustments only work when the track is very flat and moving horizontally quickly while falling as slow as possible. I have started to notice more and more that tracking dives are led by people back tracking, and although this is the preferred method, most people are not nearly as flat as they are on their bellies. What does this cause? a track that is falling out of the sky..and fast. I find myself above a lot of tracking dives because I get in this mindset that the dive is going to be flat, how it should be...when in reality I end up in a belly position with my legs out to stay with the dive. I've been on 10-15 tracking dives so far...and maybe 2 were led by a very competent back tracker. There may be nothing incredibly wrong with your track, and if you are like me...your just doing it too well(not meaning either you or I are extremely good trackers, just meaning you are flat, too flat for the dive) . Are you above the dives all the time? Anyways, to remedy the problem...do a tracking dive...with the leader on his belly...you'll notice that the track you've worked so hard to perfect...actually works in this case. Back tracking requires alot of core strength to keep those legs down and the back "de arched" which is'nt easy of course...getting a back track perfect has to take some time to get...I'm still very terrible at it lol -Evo Zoo Crew
  23. Hey all, I have E-mailed a few judges listed on the USPA website in regards to this question, but haven't received a reply, and the attempt for the state record is this weekend so it is getting close. I need a judge who is willing to sign and record a state record canopy formation jump this weekend. Figure that there has to be a few roaming these forums and I think posting this will be alot more efficient than sending 20 different E-mails. As far as we know, there is no standing record in Delaware for a CRW formation size, so we are going to try and set the first one with a 4-stack(also get our 4-stack award from USPA). We do have a couple questions to include what the judge(whoever picks up on this) requires from us to validate the jump and the record. We also were wondering if in the same jump we can tackle two state records at once, for example: Build the 4 stack(1st record) and then do sequentials(second record) on the same jump from the previous formation. Anyways any help would be appreciated and a judge can reach me personally via PM or E-mail- [email protected] Thanks and look forward to hearing from you, -Will Evo Zoo Crew
  24. Only input I have for you is when I bought my first jumpsuit, it was a Bev RW suit. I got booties, and all though they are awesome, having booties is a pain when you decide you want to freefly. An RW suit with grips and no booties would be fine for sit and belly, and at your jump numbers, it would almost be better to learn to turn and control without booties first. Basically what I am saying is unless you are 100% sure you are sticking with RW for the next 300 jumps, maybe consider not getting booties. Just my opinion and something I wish I would have done when I got my first suit. I did all of my beginning FF jumps in shorts and a shirt, but recently bought a liquid sky suit and can tell you my learning curve has to have doubled. Just a consideration for the future. -Evo Zoo Crew