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  1. i forgot to mention, that 4.3 wouldn't be too bad, if the quality was worth it, put at that rate the clip was really kind of "mosaic" really bad "pixeled" (do not know how to describe it. bs, fonzi
  2. and that is the point, i read the f**** manual (which is not much by the way) and tried so many times. the best i could achieve was something around 4.3mb for a minute in 300x240 may i pose the same question to you... any samples around on the web you did? bs, fonzi
  3. the thing is that i do not achieve sizes less than 8mb for a minute of raw (just captured and maybe deinterlaced) mini-dv footage in a format of 300x240. i tried and played around checking nearly all possibilities, but the output was not satisfying me at all. how big is a minute of mini-dv footage when you guys compress for displaying on the web? anyone has got some samples? which url? bs, fonzi
  4. hi everybody, i started making videos from funjumps and wanted to display them on my website. i use a pc6 and capture via firewire with adobe premiere 6.0 when i export the timeline i want to use divx 5.0.5 (was recommended by some users in a german newsgroup). i read the manual but still have problems. my clip is 57 seconds and i thought it must be possible to compress it at a size of 320x240 down to lets say around 3mb. either i have a shitty quality or a size of about 15mb in decent quality. can any of you guys and gals tell me what is the best method/codec to be used with adobe premiere, in order to compress a minute of captured mini-dv footage to a size of around 3mb for a display of 320x240? thanks and RHYTHM AND BLUES[kies] fonzi not very elaborated for the moment, but i am trying hard ;-) ->
  5. ... any links on the www for detailed historia, like who invented it ... a.s.o.? fonzi
  6. hi @ll, i searched the web and this forum for a detailed explanation where the phrase "blue skies, black death" originally comes from. unfortunately with no satisfying outcome. too many people these days use this phrase without really knowing where it comes from and what its origin is. curious about the replies here. RHYTHM AND BLUES[kies] fonzi
  7. hi @ll, i decided to put this in the safety forum, as the technical stuff is done. my camera setup is ready. see the pics attached. now i would like to collect as much opinions on "pulling" with the camera on my helmet as possible. i am a very "conservative" skydiver, and despite of asking endless questions to the guys on my dz i would really appreciate to share your experiences. - how do i pull in general with a camera attached - what is your "head-position" whilest pulling - any safety rules you know - a.s.o .... i wanna know it all
  8. hi all you videots out there
  9. any information appreciated on sony dcr-pc2 for skydiving video bsbd, fonzi life is to short for the pimp
  10. sorry, maybe i did not explain it well, i haven't got a crack yet, i just mailed in my poor spanish to the following website admin, in order to tell me more or send me the crack. check out this: it sais Entrada DV : No ( crack gratis) (i guess everybody can understand that
  11. the offer is to good, it's at the moment only 450$ and i found a website in spain, that offers a crack for the dv-in hackin' i think i have to sleep one more night on that subject.
  12. just had contact to marc bachmann, maybe you know him, he is the webmaster of the url he confirmed that the dv-in is not available and that it really sucks. on the other hand he is jumping a dcr-pc10 and is getting ... let's say ... "a lot more than just decent footage" with that cam. so maybe i reconsider and go for it anyway. bsbd, fonzi life is to short for the pimp
  13. looks like the offer was to nice to be bought ;-( thx for the info, saved me a lot of money, not buying that isn't worth. bsbd, fonzi life is to short for the pimp
  14. the offer at ebay says "dv in / dv out" and the seller confirmed that via mail. i looked all over the web, but did not find any notes from sony or a dealer that will confirming no dv in. no dv in not even hackable would definately suck or on the other site be a major argument for lowering the price. on the other hand that would explain, why nobody bit at ebay so far. nacmacfeegle, do you know for sure that it cannot be dv in hacked? or do you know a site confirm that? bsbd, fonzi life is to short for the pimp