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  1. Or even better do the skydiving safari with Swakopmund Skydiving Club jump 25 different drop zones from the Messum Cratar to The gates of Etosha National Park check out www.Skydivenam.com or contact Eddie at skyhog@mweb.com.na
  2. Eddie101

    Skydive Namibia

    GH014857.MP4 EZVZ0011.MP4 Skydiving Safaris , do you still remember what your first jump was like come and experience it in Namibia and jump at 22 different dz and do a safari in 9 days camping trip or lodging in 7 days. contact for more info check web page for photo'and prices ,we also offer team training discounts and make tailor made package deals for groups from 10 to 24 persons non skydivers are also welcome www.skydivenam.com GH014857.MP4