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  1. Definitely true!!! Since I cannot afford to spend much time in the tunnel, l got all of my freefly skills from visiting the pool.. It's less expensive, and mistakes are less painful too Seriously, it helps a lot.
  2. "do I really fly on my hips in headdown?" yes, you do.. read the post "freefly tips" by ozonejunkie in this forum, there are great ideas on leg awareness and other important things..))
  3. hi! are skywalkers going to compete this year? would be cool as i liked your routine from maubeuge..))
  4. there was a discussion here recently on "2way freestyle", who's better, unfair judging, judges do not understand anything, etc.. I wonder what do people who currently compete like? What whould you expect from a year 2007 freefly routine that deserves to win?
  5. probably here:
  6. when i go to a swimming pool i rarely see people swimming feet forward, most of them do it head forward..;) fish swims the same way..;) its just a natural thing
  7. hi! is there a way to download the videos since my connection is to slow for streaming video? regards
  8. They have inflated the canopy on the ground after cutaway and it was totally stable. I think we'll get line trim from the manufacturer and check it. Also I'm going to e-mail a video of the whole flight to manufacturer and post their answer here. An yes, he did unstow toggles and pumped them without success. Soon after this the canopy started turning on itself and he had to compensate with one hand while reaching for cutaway handle with the other. Thanks everybody for replys. It is kind of scary to jump a canopy when it malfunctioned without any particular reason. I hope it was some kind of a packing error.
  9. Although it's not clear from the video, according to pilot bridle and pilotchute were where they should be and when the canopy was inspected on the ground pilot should was collapsed.
  10. Yes, as the canopy did not inflated he cutaway at 3500 ft. He would have cutaway higher but did not want to loose a canopy as it was cloudy.
  11. These are photos of my friend's first jump on a brand new 120 sq.f. nine-cell elliptical, w/l 1.8. He pulled at 6500 ft. since it was his first jump on it, cut away at 3500 ft. It opened very hard with central cells mostly closed, neither riser nor toggle inputs improved the situation. Actually front riser input resulted in picture No. 2. The question is what could possibly result in such an opening? Next two jumps were O.K., but what happened on the first one?
  12. Does this mean that you cannot determine the wind direction unless you see the groud?
  13. which of the following canopies has longer recovery arc: pilot, sabre2 or safire2? or maybe another not fully elliptical nine-cell?