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  1. Friday 26th November Sunset Load will be dedicated to "A Celebration of Pete Luter's Life" At 6:30pm we will be paying further tribute to Pete with dinner and the premier of a movie celebrating his life. There will be a variety of food to eat whilst we watch the tribute DVD which has been lovingly complied and edited over the past months by Todd Whit and Peter Biro. We hope to see you! Debby
  2. Triangle Skydiving Center is going to be hosting a 4-Way and 8-Way Skills Camp on Saturday 30th October starting at 9:00am and running through until sunset. It will be run by LJ Wobker and Dan Winkelstein and all are welcome, regardless of jump numbers. The plan is to split everyone into groups depending on skill level (so the maximum amount of experience will be gained) and then jump all day. Jump tickets will be $29. If you are interested in reserving a slot or have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected] Debby
  3. Triangle Skydiving Center, Louisburg, NC Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th November 2011 Planes - CASA and Super Otter Thanksgiving Dinner - 11/25/10 (please e-mail [email protected] by 11/12/10 if you would like to join us for dinner). RW and FF Load Organizers for all experience levels throughout the whole event. High Speed Jumps High Altitude Jumps - 11/28/10 (please e-mail [email protected] by 11/21/10 to secure a slot on the plane). Fun competitions throughout - prizes range from T-Shirts to Jump Tickets. Daily draw for a free slot on Sunset Load. Fun filled hoop/inflatable/whatever you can come up with Dives. Daily "Turkey Accuracy" on Sunset Load. $15 slots on first load of each day (must manifest previous night). More details to come. Any questions/suggestions either e-mail me or post here. Debby
  4. Unfortunately, we are still not allowed tent camping. (Still working on that with the airport "powers that be") However, we are "officially" allowed parking......both cars and RVs (though we don't have hook ups). Debby
  5. Place: Triangle Skydiving Center, Louisburg, NC Dates: 20th - 21st March 2010 To celebrate Triangle Skydiving Center's first year in business ALL licensed skydiver jumps will be $17.00 from 0800 on Saturday March 20th through Sunset on Sunday March 21st. Plane: Super Otter Load Organizers available. Any questions, please call 919-497 5867 or e-mail [email protected] We would love to see you!
  6. I wish that were an option but unfortunately not. :(
  7. For those interested, the High Altitude CASA load (21,000ft) will be Saturday 28th (probably around lunchtime). We are going to be running Night Jumps Saturday evening - if you would like to take part, please remember you do have to jump during the day on Saturday to qualify. And....we have regular jumpers who enjoy playing their guitars, if this appeals to you, don't forget your guitar (or just bring your voice )
  8. Finally we have an answer on camping (sorry for the delay and thank you all for your patience).....we are not allowed camping on or around the airport but one of our wonderful jumpers has offered her acre of land for anyone wanting to pitch a tent. She is very close by, a 10-15 min drive and does have a shower for campers to use. There is NO registration fee, jumps are $24 with the exception of the first load of the day (see very first post) which will be $19. I also have to let the caterer know final numbers for Thanksgiving Dinner by 5:00pm this Wednesday 18th November, So, if you would like to eat with us on Turkey Day please send me an e-mail to [email protected] Cost will be $15 for turkey, all the trimmings, dessert and beverages.
  9. Sorry for the delay in responding to this....The airport commissioners, unfortunately, will not allow us to put up tents on or in the vicinity of the airport. We have been and continue to try and find somewhere close to the airport for people to pitch tents and I will post back here as soon as we have an answer. We know that it is getting close to the event and we also know that some jumpers like to camp and we are doing our very best to accommodate this. If anyone has an RV they would like to bring, we do have limited spaces available. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested in one of the slots.
  10. Your venture onto that limb was correct! Sorry, my bad! (blonde moment) It is indeed at Triangle Skydiving Center in Louisburg NC. Just down the road from the old CSS, 30 mins north of Raleigh.
  11. Planes – CASA and Beech 99 Organizer – Jim Smith (Thursday-Sunday) Jumps – CASA High Speed passes, High Altitude Jumps (please register for these jumps by November 18th), Formation Loads, Hoop, Raft, Inflatable Dives. Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday Night (please sign up by November 18th ) First load of the day (on a call at 0800 Thursday thru Sunday) $19.00 – must Manifest previous night. Fun competitions throughout Boogie – prizes range from T-Shirts to jump tickets. More information coming soon! For RV parking information please call (919) 497 5867
  12. Thank you all for your thoughts...... I have actually sent RECCO an e-mail, we'll see what they say in response and I'll let you all know. In the meantime, all ideas are greatly appreciated
  13. We are looking into using canopy locators for any cutaway tandem canopies. I have searched every website I can think of looking for them to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Any help, greatly appreciated.