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  1. EmuuuH

    longer risers for Icon container

    You can put all miniring risers on your aerodyne rig. Upt sells risers with louie loups, they are quite big. But I recommend not to put more then 3 fingers in your diveloops. Because you also need fingers to hold your toggles..
  2. Before you buy any second hand rig: Try it on!
  3. EmuuuH

    Thinking about camera flying.

    Do you want to jump with cameras or do you want to do camera flying? These are two different things. With camera flying I started practicing tandem video's and 2- 4 way video just paying my own slot. When the dropzone needed a cameraman they asked me and started doing paid tandem video's and got asked to do video for a 4 way team pretty quick. You want a canopy that opens soft (especially when your jumping with more than one camera) And a suit or a jacket with wings..
  4. EmuuuH

    first camera helmet

    I don't have a 2k composites helmet, but I've seen a few. And I don't really know why but it wouldn't be my choice. I would personally buy a tonfly 1x 2x or 3x. because these helmets are really small and really light.
  5. This is what hypoxic recommends: http://www.gethypoxic.com/reviews/61-cx100.html
  6. EmuuuH

    starter question

    I use a sony a200 for skydiving photography. It is a good camera. You just have to make shure that you have autofocus turned off and you have to put some tape on the flash. The downside is that there are not many people using sony photo cameras so it's harder to find a switch for it. (ultimate-switch.com)
  7. EmuuuH

    Best Short Runway Jump Plane

    pilatus porter ?
  8. EmuuuH

    Small Format camera/AFF

    Nice one! Could have happened with almost every camera setup. But it's a lot easier with a gopro.. Maybe use this to make it a little safer: http://www.chutingstar.com/newgear_en/square-one-gopro-top-mount.html
  9. EmuuuH

    Xfire 2 vs Katana vs Nitron

    I haven't jumped the Katana or the Nitron. But The crossfire gives you really nice soft openings. Best thing is to do a few jumps on all 3..
  10. EmuuuH

    Contour box? Anything?

    Rawa and 2K make them, and chutingstar sells them: http://www.chutingstar.com/newgear_en/rawa-contour-camera-box.html http://www.chutingstar.com/newgear_en/contour-hd-box.html But what do you mean by sidemounting it on top?
  11. EmuuuH

    Advance SEVEN

    This is the most comfortable rig I've ever seen, very thick spacerfoam. It has also a lot of new features like the magnet freeflyhandle, new terminal ends(cutaway cable housing), the magnetic d-bag, etc. Also great service from Basik! They answer my e-mails the same day. My next rig will also be a Basik rig!
  12. EmuuuH

    Box pictures for CX-150/155 ,116

    I don't have one, but take a look here: http://www.tonfly.com/Helmet-CC1_1842109.html
  13. EmuuuH


    I've got my Viso for almost a year now, and I am very happy with it. It is very small, light weight, and very accurate. Customer service is also great! I had a problem with it (after 25 the batteries where dead every time) so I send it back, and they send me a new Viso back!
  14. EmuuuH

    Shopping for Audibles

    I've got the L&B solo. It's easy to set up, and gives three signals during freefal. The customer service from L&B is Great! I'f you have a problem, email them, and mostly the same day they email back. with a solution.