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  1. Is anyone in the USA setting up a turn key Swoopware computer from scratch (hardware, software and a few templates)? I had one built from a guy in Lodi about two years ago, but he seems to be out of biz or something else. A very pissed off guy now takes the calls and after you hear the F bomb 2 or 3 times, he says that he is not the one you are looking for... I do have a custom build computer with SV Pro and Vasst production Assistant at my primary location, but it is old and slow, plus the fact that it's not as automated as the one we have running at our second location. Feel free to reply me here or PM if you know something. Thank you. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  2. Not a surprise if a particular country perceives tandem jumps strictly as a commercial operation, thus mandating more inspections via shorther repack cycles. The FAA requires an annual like inspection every 100 hours if an aircraft is operated for hire, versus a single annual inspection if it's not. In my opinion, an annual repack is plenty. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  3. English is my third "second" language, hence Neandertal without "h", as it is written in my native tongue. I used to get frustrated with my grammar mistakes, but POTUS put me at easy... Thank you, Sir! Here is what I should have explained better: Comparing to other tandem canopies, the HOP lineage is in my book, a high performance wing, falling behind only to the 280 x-braced. To make matters worse, he was a big guy himself. Please let me know the proper name for this occurrence, other than 3 rings flip through. I have watched the video taken from his HC AND I JUST SPOKE WITH HIS FATHER on the phone. He is in good spirits and accepted his loss in the best way I can possibly imagine. This accident wasn't caused by a 3 rings flip through . It was caused due to a 3 rings assembly error . Only 2 rings were connected to each other, while one ring was left out. I call this error a 2 rings assembly. The rig was used by several TIs throughout the reserve packing cycle and it was going to get repacked after this fatidic jump, since it was the last load of the day. He deployed the reserve, but the pilot chute didn't extract the free bag off the container. It was just trailing behind. I can tell he put up a good fight. He never gave up. I didn't ask for any more details. Bad enough me calling him out of the blue to ask about his son's death almost 3 years latter. Off course I thought about a overly tight hesitator loop (I know UPT hates this name) scenario AND/OR a combination of this with a bigger size reserve canopy from another manufacturer AND/OR many other scenarios that I rather not spend days speculating about it. Again, a gear check would have saved two lives. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  4. It happened in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, roughly two years ago. The TI jumped on a flip through packed rig and couldn't cut away after the canopy start spun out of control. The G forces generated by an un-leveled high performance wing combined with a flip through were not the cause of this double mal. The lackness of a proper gear check was. I knew him and his father, also an accomplished skydiver. RIP
  5. Thank you for your help. I will get the SV Pro + PA instead. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  6. I am sorry to bring this topic back to live, but Sony is offering us a Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum for only $49.99. I am putting together a new video editing station and I wanna keep it similar to the one we have (Vegas Pro + Vasst), thus other solutions like Swoopware or Adobe are off the table. VMS 14 has a bunch of new features that matter to us, like direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. So, my questions are: Is anyone using it yet? Does it requires the Production Assistant (an extra $169.99) to save the templates? Should I just stick with SV Pro and the PA? Thank you for your inputs. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  7. . Can anyone read the above text (extracted from USPA SIM) and stop spreading this paranoia that USPA will pull your license away if you don't brush your teeth twice a day? Pleeeease?? The rules are very simple. 1 - Follow FAA F.A.Rs at all times (US Air Space). 2 - Follow USPA rules (which requires to follow F.A.Rs) when jumping in a USPA member DZ. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  8. Please, show me where it says "USPA PROHIBITS members/TI's from doing night tandems ANYWHERE IN THE USA, EVEN IF DONE IN ACCORDANCE TO THE F.A.Rs". I am asking for the specific BYLAW, not your personal opinion. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  9. Why not? So USPA members, including coachs, instructors and examiners are not allowed to jump in Lodi or SWT anymore? Or at any non USPA DZ or location? Geez, USPA will have to revoke thousands of licenses and ratings, including mine and probably yours too. FYI: The UNITED STATES PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION is a not -for- profit, voluntary membership organization of the participants and supporters of the sport of parachuting. The sport is also referred to as skydiving. USPA has no involvement in the conduct or operations of any skydiving center, parachute center, or drop zone. USPA, AS A PRIVATE, NON-REGULATORY ORGANIZATION WHICH HAS NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO REGULATE OR CONTROL INDIVIDUALS OR CORPORATIONS, CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY JUMP OR TRAINING OPERATIONS THAT RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH TO ANY PARTY. Regardless of any statements made in any USPA publications, USPA has neither been given nor has it assumed any duty to anyone. USPA has no obligation to anyone concerning his or her skydiving activities. All references by USPA to self-regulation refer to each individual person regulating or being responsible for him or herself. Above all: B. Compliance with Federal regulations [NW] 1. No skydive may be made in violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. BTW, I neither endorse nor I am promoting any illegal kind or type of skydive. However, ONLY the FAA can control the National Airspace and its usage. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  10. Regular night tandem jumps can be done legally by FAA rules, not by USPA bylaws and some manufacturers policies. 1) Be legal to perform a tandem jump in a Stunts Enterprises Eclipse Tandem System; 2) Aircraft, pilot and jumper comply with F.A.R. night time requirements; 3) Find a non USPA DZ or have an airport manager's permission to land inside the fence. That's why I still having a Eclipse tandem rig, harness and manual somewhere in my junk box. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  11. Service ceiling: 3,000 m (9,840 ft) good luck for skydiving. It's very hard to believe that a Walter M601 (now GE) turboprop can only take this light aircraft to 10.000'. Wikipidea is showing this service ceiling for the Finist, not the TURBO Finist. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  12. Welcome to Dallas Skydive Center, the closest drop zone to Dallas!! Dallas Skydive Center is open to all skydive disciplines and their tribes! Our massive landing area offers 651 acres of open field and more outs than you can count. That makes us great choice if you are flying a wing suit, canopy formation or just don’t want to worry about off field landings cause your buddy spots like he’s blind. We provide separated landing areas for students/A and B Licenses, C and D licenses and a high performance area. We’ll be taking jumpers to 13,500 in the famous Air Forest One, piloted by none other than Forest McBride. Incase you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a turbine), this little C182 packs a constant 300hp engine and wing extensions, earning its nickname “The Rocket.” Come for the wide open spaces, stay for the good vibes and campfire stories.
  13. 1) No door and no seat belts? Seat your student away from the door. You, the TI, fun jumpers and/or the cameraman at least have a parachute. 2) I am 6'4" at 245lbs and I have no problems hooking up my students beside the pilot in the venerable narrow body. Actually, after a while it became very comfortable. I have my cubicle and learned how to use it accordingly. My hook up procedure will commence before we bail out, if the aircraft is still flying straight and level, and in one piece... Simply put, hook up your student for take off will lessen your chances of survival in a aircraft crash if: 1) You are the student and your TI is non responsive; 2) You are an injured TI and your student is non responsive; 3) Your are already hooked up to your student and the aircraft suffers catastrophic airframe failure / spin / unusual attitude at low altitude; 4) You are seating behind of the tandem pair mentioned in any option above. No Drogue, no JUMP!!
  14. It seems to be a very well build jump door but what's that sharp angle for? That thing may cut a TI's head open, damage your reserve tray and/or reserve canopy. Please do some research on that before jumping.
  15. I always recommended Cypres to my friends because of my satisfaction with their quality and customer service. So, yesterday I called SSK and to my dismay, they told me that Airtec will not take my units until they are due to 4 years maintenance. I offered to pay for the repair. Same answer. From now on my answer to friends will be like: Whatever bro, buy the cheap one and spend the change in beer. No Drogue, no JUMP!!