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  1. Hi Darrehh ?, I am a type 1 diabetic a started skydiving ~11 years after I found out. I have jumped all around the country and said I was diabetic on every release form I had to sigjn. I have never been asked about it which tells me that the DZ's don't read the release forms. I have competed at the USPA Nationals for 2 years, trained 10 jumps/day and only had a couple times when my blood sugar got low enough to notice. and I ate as soon as I got down. So I would say go for it. Any questions, [email protected] Blue Skys, Keith
  2. Hi Kim, I also have an SCI, C5/C6 incomplete and I done 3 tandem jumps. GO FO IT! All of my tandem jumps were done at Perris Valley here in So. CA. The first was withn Jim Wallace, and it was great. I have known Jim for years and he is a great tandem master. Let me know when you decide to jump. It is the greatest thing. Keith [email protected]