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  1. I am relatively new to camera flying, and bought both a toung and bite switch from Conceptus. Shortly after I began using the bite switch, it started having intermittent problems. I contacted Conceptus and talked with Dick who said that he would be glad to replace it free of charge! Working as a customer service manager in the tech industry myself, I found this to be well handled and has given me the confidence that Conceptus is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service for their products. Once I received my replacement switch, I have installed it an it has been trouble free for the few months that I have been using it now. Great products and support from Conceptus!
  2. As a new member of the sport this year, I took my AFF course and have done the majority of my 150+ jumps out at the Hollister DZ. I must say that I completely disagree with the last review from bigbear73’s. I have learned much from the current owner and staff of Skydive Hollister regarding the principals, safety, concepts and intricacies involved in the sport of skydiving. The staff is well trained, professional, and passionate about what they do. Over the last few months, the facility has expanded to include much more space for packing, training, lounging, etc. There are also many talented and enthusiastic fun jumpers that would consider the Hollister DZ their second home. If your someone who is looking forward to experiencing your first tandem skydive. Perhaps you are interested completing the AFF program and becoming a licensed skydiver. Or, maybe you're that experienced fun jumper looking for a great DZ to call home. Whatever category you may fit into, the Hollister DZ facility, staff and associated jumpers are the cream of the crop. That's why you'll see me out there every weekend!
  3. TheAtom


    I demoed the pulse 190 and bought one the next week. I have to say that this is a great all around canopy. I have about 70 jumps on the 190. The openings are almost always exactly on heading, and it feels really good to fly. It has a flatter glide than some other canopies, and it can definitely swing you around with the proper riser or toggle commands. If you do high performance swoop landings this may not be the best canopy. If you want a canopy that opens without drama, is fun to fly and practically packs itself...then I recommend the Pulse! Time for me to downsize...selling my 190 and picking up the 170!