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  1. Excellent Jeremy! As a sitting Board Member I fully support your run for the Central Region. After talking with you on current USPA positions, direction and issues I feel you have your finger on the pulse of the organization and the direction USPA needs to go. I was very glad to hear your thoughts on how to improve Safety and Training as well as other areas of the Association. The Central Region could benefit well from your leadership and guidance. I will be glad to answer any questions from your Regions Membership on why I feel you'll make a GREAT Regional Director. Ray Lallo USPA Mountain Region Director & Secretary [email protected] visit my website: www.uspamountainregion.org and Facebook Page: facebook.com/raylallo.mountainregion
  2. To first answer your question on my position on the "Rich Winstock Controversy" I have to educate the individuals that will read this thread. This is just not my perception but also the “Ground Truth” There are some Board members on this current board that let their personal emotions about Rich drive their decisions. Because of this, two senior board members that I know of leaked Confidential Information to the public before an investigation was complete. One Board member even went as far as to post fabrications about one of the incidents only 48 hours after it happened. With this being said, USPA has a Disciplinary Process outlined in the Governance Manual (Section 1-6). That process is applied to ALL USPA members in case a disciplinary action is brought forth. Section 1-6 outlines the process. Every member and their case must be given full due process before a final determination or decision is made. In one instance, certain board members were asking for Rich’s resignation as the Safety & Training Chair and even for his resignation from the board before the 1-6 investigation was even initiated. He was “Guilty before proven Innocent”. Even though we are board members we are still members of USPA and should be afforded the same right. I feel we should hold ourselves to a higher standard but that is a personal choice. Some Senior Board Members they might not agree with my statement. Bottom line, because of the actions of some in this case, Sherry made the right decision and initiated a 1-6 investigation as per the Governance Manual. The process begins with the Regional Director and continues from there. I discussed with Rich very seriously about resigning as the Chair of S&T. My initial reaction was for him to step down. I changed my position because I felt if we didn’t follow the 1-6 process it could put ALL USPA Members at risk of not receiving due process because “Someone doesn’t like you or you just don’t agree with their position”. The reason Rich stepped down as the S&T Chair this summer was because a you-tube video showed he did not conduct a Tandem Systems Handles Check per the new BSR that we past in a previous meeting. I supported him stepping down but let me add this, we as the Safety & Training Committee and the Full Board past a BSR, which I supported, without first vetting every possible variable that could effect non-compliance with the BSR. During the summer meeting it was brought to our attention that we never fully outlined what exactly we as USPA (not the manufactures) expected to be accomplished during a handle’s check (i.e. Physically touch or just visually verify the handles are in position). This was the first motion passed: Motion 38: Passed 15/4/0 (Mr. Stokes) “Move to add in SIM, Section 2-1, F, 4, c (7): Any person making a tandem jump as the parachutist in command is required to conduct a proper systems handles check immediately after deployment of the drogue, effective immediately.” I felt common sense would prevail and Tandem Instructors would physically touch the handles, but I also feel we acted in haste and did a dis-service to the membership. We edited the BSR during the summer meeting. When I’m elected for a second term I will be more diligent in my decision making when it comes to BSR’s or recommendations that affect our sport.
  3. During my first term as your Mountain Regional Director, I have had a fulfilling experience, as I supported exciting changes as well as standing traditions. With your input and backing throughout the last 3 years, I was honored to represent as a voting member of the Safety & Training Committee and as the USPA Secretary. I found that my previous experience in the corporate world and on boards helped me perform my duties in service to USPA members. Some of the items in my focus on the National level have been increasing efficiency, using technological resources, and simplifying materials and communication for the USPA member. In addition, I made it a top priority to respond quickly to Awards, Ratings and Wavier paperwork, to reach out to members in our region for feedback, and to ensure safety issues were handled with solid fairness yet compassion. It would be my honor and pleasure to continue to serve as your Mountain Regional Director. If given that responsibility, I look forward to continuing being available to members and championing projects in progress to their completion. Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] visit my website: www.uspamountainregion.org and Facebook Page: facebook.com/raylallo.mountainregion I will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  4. Skydive PA will host a AFF IRC pre-course and AFF course July 7-10. Please e-mail [email protected] if interested.
  5. What was the cause for failure at level 6? It may have been poor instruction. I'm not saying that may be the case but the AFF course has changes in the last 5 years. We have transitioned from Levels to Categories which gives us more flex in the program. Consider the AFF route again. You have a baseline knowledge of what's expected and you can build on that. Just my thoughts.