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  1. I think this may be the best option. Mike
  2. Ya thanks for the tip, it makes total sense to be as visible as possible. Personally I'm leaning toward #2. Mike
  3. Thanks for the tip, sorry about that. Mike
  4. I'm looking at ordering a Sabre2 and I need some help picking a color scheme. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks for your help and sorry for the picture quality. Mike
  5. I think it may say, "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine." Mike
  6. would you guys say its similar to a helicopter jump? i did one of those last summer and that was a blast. Mike
  7. great pics, any idea of the cost and do u need a specific license to jump? Mike
  8. check it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-mDeh90Qoo Mike
  9. I love this one, she has no idea what happened lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj0e3cIOhy4&feature=related Mike
  10. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=118123982428&ref=mf This guy seemed to enjoy it, lol. Mike
  11. Welcome to the forums, where are you taking your AFP course, I got my A license back in May at Skydive Chicago, so maybe I'll see you around this year. Blue Skies Mike
  12. thanks for the info, looks like its worth it to get the full suit. Mike
  13. Hi, I was looking at getting a jumpsuit for next season, while doing my research I noticed you can buy a freefly suit or just the pants. Are there any suggestions on what I should get? I usually jump solo or 2-3ways if that helps at all. Thanks in advance. Mike
  14. That is the most annoying question of them all, the kicker is they always ask "when are you going to try that"... Mike
  15. that video sold me, looks awesome, i just placed my order. Mike
  16. So far my favorite event was the New Wave Boogie @ SDC. I hadn't really done any RW jumps and I went from funneling to turning 7 points in a 3way all in six jumps. Then ended the day with a full altitude sunset hop and pop. it was pretty amazing. Mike
  17. I was thinking about asking for a pair of gatorz for xmas. does anyone know if the Fusion frame would work for skydiving? Mike
  18. Hey, I'm relatively new to the sport but I want to learn as much as I can and hopefully get my B license early next summer. I noticed skydive chicago is holding a water training on august 21st and I want to attend. By that time I will have around 35 jumps. Is that too early to take the training? If anyone knows what requirements I would need to take the training please let me know. Thanks. Mike
  19. So I was reading the new issue of the parachutist and saw an ad for Deepseed.com jumpsuits. I checked out the website and it all looked good. I was looking at getting the freefly suit in the near future and I was just curious if anyone had used one of their suits and whether it would be worth getting. Or if anyone has any other suggestions on where to get a jumpsuit please let me know. thanks. Mike
  20. HAHA yea totally. Thanks for the tips tho. skydive radio is really interesting, i hadnt heard of it before. Mike
  21. Ok so I recently got my A license and I learned a ton of information. However I still feel like i need to learn 99% more of the sport. Im currently in the market for some decent used gear which I figure is the next step, but what do you guys suggest I do to expand what I learned during AFP? Mike
  22. Welcome to the sport. Just a word of advice from someone who just finished...RELAX! that will make everything easier. Blue Skies. Mike
  23. Of course skydiving isn't 100% safe, i think we've beaten that horse to death in these last 7 pages. And I know a lot of people here value your opinion based on jump numbers so sorry in advance for not knowing what I'm talking about. But lets talk for a minute on why people jump from airplanes. It's not suicidal but its more deadly than eating a ham sandwich. Maybe people do it because it's not a social norm or maybe because you wanted to be apart of a group of people that appreciate life and live it to the fullest. I knew I wanted to get into the sport right when I walked in the hanger for my first tandem. I had no knowledge of skydiving or the inherent risks that came along with it. After I landed I had never been more excited, im sure you all know the feeling so i dont need to explain. Anyways, i was hooked. So i took the FJC and started AFP. I started level one by freaking out and my instructor and I broke off and i was spinning on my back. My adrenaline was so high time seemed like it was moving in slow motion. anyways i deployed head to earth still spinning. I then looked up at a perfect canopy (thankfully). But that was the point it finally hit me that I could be killed doing this. I weighed my pros and cons and 15 mins later I was on the next load. I think I can safely say there isn't a skydiver in the world that thinks they are going to die as they are walking up to the plane. But i am sure that most do a proper gear check and are able to make (in their eyes) the best decisions possible to come back to the hanger in one piece. So is skydiving 100% safe, no. There are ways to lower risk but that will always be apart of this sport. You just need to calculate risk vs. reward and see if this is something that you should be doing. Which is obviously going to be different from one person to the next so I don't really see how we can sway people from one side of the argument to the other. Mike
  24. well your a little more experienced than me, but i feel even with your 49 jumps having a camera even tho its an iphone would be one more distraction that you dont need. concentrate on the jump and improving your skills and wait until you get enough jumps under your belt and a camera that can handle freefall speeds. Mike
  25. I just jumped a Silhouette yesterday. i really didnt like it at all. Mike