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  1. No one got arrested so must be all good?
  2. Do you mean like the old Pioneers etc? I have a custom suit built by Tom Clausen in about 1978 or so. I am 6-3, about 195- still fits.
  3. I'm still confused here. Q. In the quote from Helmut (6th... paragraph?) If the air pressure is higher inside the pack- wouldn't that make an altimeter read a lower or true altitude?
  4. As a former bartender- my almost fail proof remedy is the following: pour about 4 to 6 ounces of what we called sweet and sour mix (margarita mix is fine) and drink as much as you can at once straight. Roses lime works even better but costs more and most folks don't make enough gimlets to bother keeping it around. Lime wedges with bitters works for some, but my gag reflex isn't tolerant of that recipe... FYI- I believe hiccups are an actual chemical thing, and the sugar/acid combo defeats the imbalance somehow. Hope this helps for next time!?
  5. Peanut butter... but I think the better question is what wont they eat? I've even had them chew through clothing to get at a Snickers bar. One thing you can try is to clean the trap thoroughly, and don't handle the metal parts with bare fingers when you bait and set it. Wear latex or rubber gloves. A former neighbor turned into some kind of mice trappong pro after he started wearing the gloves while baiting the traps. YMMV
  6. I smoke both pipes and cigars on occasion- Cigars outside and pipes sometimes indoors- IF I'm not working around combustibles like sawdust, solvents, stains, or other stuff. Good tips put forth above- FWIW- Pipe smoke doesn't seem to cling to clothing or other fabric like cigars. Both can be a resonable deterrent to having bugs flying around your face. Neither is very healthy- although my doctor says stress kills more people than tobacco and smoking tends to relieve stress somewhat- neither are likely to kill us as quickly as bad judgement.
  7. Really? "all police officers should be taught aikido, and nothing else. none of this judo, tae kwon do or any other martial art. aikido is a way to disable or restrain your opponent without harm or injury to yourself." OK- How long does it take to become really proficient at Aikido? Is Aikido the art that appears to be winning the UFC competitions these days? I hadn't noticed that. I notice Gracie style jujitsu seems kind of effective- you know- joint locks and choke submission techniques... FWIW- Try this- Take your average NFL defensive lineman- who has maybe assaulted his wife, and says he is not going to be arrested- step in there with your Aikido and make it happen! Welcome to the ICU, hope you make a full recovery in a couple months. FYI- I have trained in Aikido and several other martial arts, and have found that in actual unarmed combat they are usually ineffective against determined, often impaired subjects of pretty much any stature. Oh and there is no such 'magic bullet' like the Taser or pepper spray that works 100% of the time- even the newest versions are failing with regularity. BTW- Just how often do you want YOUR officers losing fights?
  8. "The shooter wanted revenge for Eric garner and mike brown and wanted to make sure the white cops got what they had coming to them." All white cops being the same I suppose?- and thus all deserve to die??? Really? FYI- for a whole lot of people, thuggery IS most certainly a way of life. Sad but true.
  9. Andy908 writes- "Well, I've studied, worked in, taught and written on and personally handled countless cases in trial and appellate courtrooms on American criminal justice and constitutional law for about 35 years, which is where I gather my information. In that time - in large part due to the Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II appointments to the judiciary generally and the SCOTUS in particular, I most definitely have seen privacy and search & seizure protections steadily net-erode in practice, as well as in jurisprudence, and the scope and breadth of what is deemed "reasonable suspicion" steadily net-expand. Since Nixon became President (I was there to see it), and pretty much steadily since then, the weight of the pro-police judicial decisions has outweighed pro-civilian decisions by a vast factor; and that reflects in the field. But hey, that's just me." So perhaps you've read the SCOTUS ruling in Arizona v. Gant? Terry v. Ohio is STILL the landmark ruling on 'reasonable suspicion ' stops- last I checked, that decision predates Reagan et al. I don't question your experience- it is just a little different than mine.
  10. Iago writes- "You're right. Constitutional protections have been weakened by the courts that a cop can practically stop and search you anytime they want. 'Reasonable suspicion' can be practically anything." I'm not sure where you gather your information but no they can't and no it isn't. Over the last 30 years it's been my observation that privacy protections grow every year. Oh- and re: needing probable caue to search someone? Ever been "patted" down by our beloved TSA at the airport? Were you under arrest? How does that work?
  11. Fingerprinting for records checks ia a complicated way to accomplish same. Name and birthdate are all that is necessary-SSN is usually an unnecessary luxury. If the jumpers are already providing that info, the fingerprints obtained would be for some other reason(s)...
  12. File a custodial intererence report in your home jurisdiction before heading there. It makes good ammunition when discussing custody and her disdain for legal process. In my state, violation of a parenting order amounts to contempt of court, and can get an offending party arrested, and court orders modified or amended to your advantage.
  13. My fiance recently sent me this- I thought it was pretty funny, but then I got to wondering why she sent it...