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  1. Why don't we see crossbracing used on paragliders, speed wings, etc...?
  2. It flares great, with speed, you're just not swooping it Jump more, Bitch less.
  3. It had been modified just for those practice jumps. Jerry Baumchen you seem pretty intent on bragging about knowing something we dont know Jerry. Jump more, Bitch less.
  4. hopefully one of you can help me out with this. I'm looking at the GrellFab mounts for my G3 but from what little i've seen of them leads me to questioning their construction quality. the one i briefly saw looked like it was made from a shotty 3D print job. is this actually the case or do they have some durability to them? Thx j Jump more, Bitch less.
  5. awesome thanks guys. i'll take a look at some moto pants. yeah, shorts are shorts, i get that people like the custom thing but i think paying 400+ and having to deal with getting measured and the wait time is a little over the top if you ask me. Jump more, Bitch less.
  6. hey guys, anyone know any manufactures that keep stock swoop shorts? try as i might i still have a hard time spending all the time and effort of sizing my self and waiting 10+ weeks for a pair of 32" waist swoop shorts. Jump more, Bitch less.
  7. This is just one of those late night thoughts I'm sure we've all had at one point so I'll post it and hope we can have an interesting and some what civilized discussion about it. So here's the scenario: You're flying commercial you have your rig as a carry on, the AC you're on has a catastrophic failure, ie much more than just an engine out. Would you make an attempt to get out? Jump more, Bitch less.
  8. jeez, you used to need a few thousand jumps on here to be an ass hole, now you dont even need a hundred Jump more, Bitch less.
  9. Ok, so let me preface this with saying, i've never done a tandem from a helicopter, nor have i done a tandem hop'n'pop, not have i taken a former president of the United States on a tandem. But having said that let me throw my two cents in from behind my desk. damn dude, i've seen people hot on the drogue but his feet werent even off the strut when he pitched that thing! any who... feel free to chime in. watch: http://youtu.be/9Q11eGrcqxI?t=2m Jump more, Bitch less.
  10. hey guys, so i know this isnt the "speedwing forum" so try to bare with me but, could someone offer up a general explanation of how speedwing sizing works and what their *roughly* equivalent sizes and flight characteristics would be for a skydiving canopy? for pure example, take the Ozone fazer II, its a leading edge elliptical wing, would that have similar flight characteristics to a high performance fully elliptical non X braced canopy? maybe similar to a katana or Xfire2? the most common sizes i've seen are 10, 12, and 14m, is that roughly translatable to 99, 119, and 135sqft? thanks guys, just starting to dabble in the market for one of these guys and trying to set my bearings Jump more, Bitch less.
  11. skydivers in college are pretty hard to come by, im a senior at UC Davis right now and ive never met another skydiver the whole time i've been here Jump more, Bitch less.
  12. this is actually a terrible example of how to handle your shit, he actually spent so much time and go so focused on the chest strap that he lost complete altitude awareness and had an AAD fire. Jump more, Bitch less.
  13. so i've finally been initiated into the hardware-in-my-leg club and i figure theres no one else better to ask for advice about it than you guys so for all you experienced hardware toting veterans, have you ever had an issue with security anywhere? is it just a quick wave with the little wand after you set the main metal detector off and you cruise on through or have any of you ever had any serious issues getting though? Jump more, Bitch less.
  14. THIS THREAD IS AWESOME!!!!!!! keep it going! Jump more, Bitch less.
  15. are there any companies that just sell stock size camera jackets or are they all custom done? Jump more, Bitch less.
  16. I've used them and they're pretty simple, just dont make it too tight and dont make the belt band too tight around the back either or else the elastic portion of the y mod gets caught and the students cant lift their legs. its a back up of a back up of a back up of a back up, leading to lazier and lazier TI's Jump more, Bitch less.
  17. i love this guy, hes got an answer for everything. i wish i was as good as him when i started jumping Jump more, Bitch less.
  18. did my first jump at 18, got my tandem instructor rating at 21. Jump more, Bitch less.
  19. I REMEMBER THIS GUY!!!!! you jumped that orange and white 190 out in lodi last summer right? ...the one that you couldn't even fly a pattern with or land? from someone who's had words with this guy in person, dont waste your time. this guy was one of the worst skydivers with one of the worst attitudes i've ever met. he didnt listen to people with 10x the experience he had when they talked to him in person, and he's definitely not going to listen to you guys on here. im glad to see you at least started jumping with a helmet, who talked you into that? Jump more, Bitch less.
  20. That may be true, but part of the problem is that aircraft MX is one of the areas where you place a ton of faith in the DZO that they are doing the right thing. As discussed ad-nauseam with regards to this issue, it's impractical or almost impossible for the average jumper to actually check the logs and confirm that they are complete, legit, and up to date. Based on this, it becomes an issue of trust. One of my problems with the situation was the nature of the shortfalls. Failure to inspect the wing attachment pioints sounds like one of the dumbest things ever. It's more-or-less a 'free' inspection, in that the only cost is labor, and as I understand it, Bill has A&Ps on the payroll anyway. I get why someone doesn't do a six-figure hot section on an engine, but a simple inspection on a critical structural part is hard to understand why it was skipped. (Along those same lines, skipping a simple inspection of a fuel pump is what lead to the crash of one of Bill's King Airs up in Cananda, you think he might have learned) The timed-out contol cables is another sticking point for me, based mostly on the duration of the 'over time'. When the FAA busted him, it been over a year that he was flying on timed out cables, and I just don't see how you can excuse that. A week, two weeks, a month, maybe. Who knows, maybe there was a boogie, or the cables were on back-order, but to let that situation stand for over a year is hard to understand. So coming full circle, to the idea that aircraft MX becomes an issue ot trust in the DZO, you can see why some people might find it hard to place that trust in a guy who acted in the manner described above. ah, dave, just in time. I'm glad to see your Lodi radar is still working. as promised! Watch your thread, there it goes! ...up in flames. [inline h-bomb.jpg] Jump more, Bitch less.
  21. lodi is a very controversial dropzone here on DZ.com as you've just found out. go check it out and make your own decision, you'll get far too many opinions from people who have never been there on here here are some facts about lodi though: - they have the newest and best gear money can buy for both tandem and student sport rigs - their head AFF instructor Mike Knight, does more AFF programs alone than most DZs do all together. - YES, they did have some serious A/C issues in the past, but they've since rectified the situation. please look at the FAA reports your self. Jump more, Bitch less.
  22. perfect opportunity to use the new inline photo attachments [inline WTF-Picard-meme.jpg] WTF this idiots talking into the camera like hes on Lettermen while he thinks hes having a malfunction! i'd put money that the thread after this one is going to be a 36 jump wonder telling us a camera isnt a distraction at all. Jump more, Bitch less.
  23. I know a lot of us on here are carrer skydivers, but for those of you who aren't, and even for those of you who are, whats is or was your real job? did you go to school, join a fraternity or sorority, whats your degree in? whats your trade/ skill set? Im a senior at UC Davis studying computer science engineering (programming nerd) and im a Sigma Chi. I jump nearly year round and during the summer I work as a TI at my local DZ. Jump more, Bitch less.
  24. Why did USPA initially get involved in issuing their own Tandem rating anyway, no rules or regulations in FAA Far Part 105.45 states anything about the requirement to hold the credentials from any sort of governing body, only tat the TM must have gone though the course offered by the manufacturer and hold their rating, and their tandem rating alone holds no merit, the bottom line is that it all comes down to whether or not you have the rating by the manufacturer of the rig you're jumping. they already have my money so i guess im allowed right now right? http://www.flightsimaviation.com/data/FARS/part_105-45.html Jump more, Bitch less.
  25. these guys might me right. the whole "gravity" thing is beginning to sound like a bit of a hoax anyway. http://www.theonion.com/articles/evangelical-scientists-refute-gravity-with-new-int,1778/ -\__/- seems legit Jump more, Bitch less.