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    I thought there were rules for nicknames..

    IM PEACHES you will see a lot of me depending on my money i vowed never to ever get a job yet still become filthy rich GO SKYDIVE ORANGE Lambert- thanks for the name and the tunnel coaching in advance :P
  2. Peaches87

    What are you doing for the Easter Holiday?

    celebrating passover (im not jewish) by emptying out every grocery store of cane sugar soda, particularly coke. fuck high fructose corn syrup
  3. I've been taking xanax for general anxiety for over a year now but it can be a dangerous drug. I know how it affects me and I find that I am safer and more aware on 1mg then without it. Does anyone have input or also have the same condition? I generally take 1 or 2mg but i'm not sure if the latter is unsafe. I can still be anxious after 1mg and fine on 2. I didn't know that medications were 'infirmiries' on the waiver so now i need a letter from my psychiatrist confirming that it is safe to skydive on the medications i am on. I also have add and take adderall for my focus or i start to space out. My concern is that while I trust myself to not overdo my medications on the ground, I know that I am an inexperienced skydiver and these drugs can be powerful. I will be talking to my psychiatrist further about this tomorrow but I was hoping to get input from people on both sides of the coin because my psychiatrist isn't a skydiver.
  4. Peaches87

    low pull on sunday cat d-1

    i got through b and c on saturday and it was a breeze. i was feeling a bit nervous on sunday. my jump went fine and i got my 90s. i missed a few altitude checks and the end of the fall was kind of a mess. i thought i was locking on at 5500 and pulling at 5000 but apparently i was supposed to pull at 5500. I remember locking on around 6500 and losing my heading for a few seconds but still stable. at i guess what was around 5200 i went for the pull and with my hand on the hackey i forgot to wave off and went back to wave off and didnt pull till ~4000. I'm a little concerned that im not realizing the importance of altitude awareness and pull alt and am more focused on the techniques and little signals. I DONT want to risk safety and the cost of possible recurrency. did anyone else have this happen? its not happening every jump, all three saturday jumps i was very altitude aware. does anyone have any suggestions about A.A. when in AFF and techniques to make sure pull is on time. all weekend i felt more comfortable locking on 500 feet earlier but sunday even locking on at 6500 i pulled about 1000 feet late
  5. Peaches87

    Why is static line a dying discipline?

    I chose AFF for the same reason I didn't want to do a tandem first. Those jumps might be more expensive, but they are also your first experiences skydiving. While I don't know much past the basics of static line, I also think that more coaching and experience before getting your license would be safer and more preferable.
  6. Peaches87

    Battlestar Galactica Finale

    damn i was at dz and totally forgot. isnt there gonna be a tv movie like the miniseries after? i read that somewhere
  7. Peaches87

    Strange things you notice

    not at all, besides.. it would help out the economy some by providing more job openings at grocery stores for people to clean up your shit. I go for the center of the stack with slurpee lids, but groceries- I'm willing to take the risk that someone didnt rub their junk all up and down the front one rational! but if you don't know the stores methods you should check; otherwise you might just be buying the old crap
  8. Peaches87

    Anyone here ever get mistaken for

    Hahahahaha, soo awesome
  9. Peaches87

    I thought there were rules for nicknames..

    Monkey is a sick name. I can't decide if I liked peaches or not though- i think it came about because pete said something by the fire and someone else said, "pete just said" then lambert was like, "What!? Peaches said?!.... OH ITS PEACHES" and pointed at me
  10. Peaches87

    Anyone here ever get mistaken for

    Andy Dick and it's really fucking annoying although i do get the occasional: Andy Dick but funnier and/or more attractive
  11. Peaches87

    Anyone here ever get mistaken for

    lucky you, he's a real good looking boy
  12. Peaches87

    I thought there were rules for nicknames..

    Back on 3/7 we had a great day at Orange and many beers later I somehow became known as '87' Last Saturday some other people decided that I am 'Peaches', isn't that against the rules? I thought the first nick was the one that stuck! The beers made me forget the origins but now I'm stuck on Peaches. Someone took the DZ name so I guess that makes me Peaches87? Identity Crisis: Please help me, I am troubled and confused; Has anyone else gotten 2 nicks? How did you do it? Is there a doctor I can see about this?