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  1. Hi flying in from england to LA internation but on a domestic from chicago in July. Does anyone know if a bus goes to or near perris form teh airport or what websites I can use to plab a route via buses or tubes. The dz didnt have any information on public transport Cheers Blue skie
  2. Ok who is up for a DZ riad trip taking in some sites and venues on the way. Start either at west coast and drive to east or vise versa. I perosnally am planning on doing this but would prefer to share the trip with like minded peopel. I am planning on seeing a space shuttle launch, beach jumps, halo jumps, take ina water park or two in Alabama, goto vega, san franciso etc etc open to other suggestions if you wanna join the trip get in touch. Rob
  3. Ok so I am planning a summer road trip around the USA to see seom things on my list of things to do but also to visit as many Dz's as I can along the way. So far I have these ideas, Jump the space center and see a shuttle luanch, 30,000ft halo jump in memphsis, balloon jump in perris and maybe jump out of some infaltable in arizona. Anyone have any ideas of Dz's to visit or anyone want to tag along on the raod trip????
  4. Hi I'm rob new to the forum although not to sport. Benn skydiving nealy 3 year majorly into freeflying and skysurfing. In the summer July through Aug I am planning to come to the USA and travel around various Dz's whilst soaking up some sites like the space shuttle launch, vegas, west coast, arizona crater among a few. Looking for fellow skydivers who are up for a US road trip. Blue skies. Rob