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  1. I hope I'm allowed to add on to this post but it wouldn't let me start a new one on my own. I just wanted to add that in the last day there was, I assume, a female who emailed me since the complete skydive set I'm selling is more of a ladies size. Her "name" is CynthiaQuach7. She initiated the emails stating her rigger said my equipment was perfect for her and so she asked me to consider the complete set sold. She asked how I would like payment and asked for my photos. I obliged and explained to her I only except Paypal and gave her the total cost and also that I would not mail it to her until Paypal confirmed to me that the money went through. She would email me fairly often through the day asking me to send more pictures and then the last email she asked me to send her photos of different angles. At that point I just blocked her.
  2. Hi. I did my first solo jump last weekend after completing three tandem jumps. The first solo jump was almost as awesome as my first ever jump but, then, nothing will ever compare to that first jump. My DZ is Skydive Southwest Florida, by the way. I definitely made some inexperienced jumper mistakes such as not picking up on the fact right away that the wind direction had changed by the time my parachute had deployed. Therefore, I didn't adjust my destination route in time so I ended up having to locate an alternate landing which turned out to be a cow pasture across the road from the DZ. Fortunately I cleared the powerlines by about 25 feet and had a good landing. I don't think the cows appreciated me being there very much but at least I avoided the powerlines and the fence. I really had a blast up there and I learned a little bit about myself. I never lost my cool up there and I gained a ton of confidence even with the mistakes. The owners and other skydivers I have met have all been so awesome. Skydivers are really cool people to be around.