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  1. avgas and jet-a in the morning. and in the hair when the pilot spatters me while helping to refuel. hey bananas are also nice
  2. yeah...maybe Got a hot redbull flighshow with old at-6´s and a an-2 on our dz. Yesterday it was pretty lame cuz the the weather wanted to suck and yes I DID. Today the weather was way better but still very cloudy. Also there were MANY folks so we decided not to mess up the jumps. All the sudden our dzo came to me with a "special task". He told me i have to gear up. i was like "damn i dont want to jump through that 300m clouds". Instead of that the wanted me to go one the runway, get interviewed from a guy and explain all the whuffos what we do. Than i was "Omg this cant be true". All the time i was thinking to pull reserve to give the spectators some extra^^ so in the end i was a very cool WE although i didnt jumped.
  3. my friend was with our dropzonecrew in portugal and finished it in 2 days. for me...about 7days (4 weekends) but with 2 days just waiting for the blue sky. so in my very short skydiving career the first thing i learned is that weather can be your worst enemie. it also depends of the size of the dz. with only a cessna182 and a lot people waiting for a lift you wont get much into air. so getting the bird early will give u all options for the day
  4. yeah...its pretty lame to do non skydiving related stuff. everytime i spot some nice clouds i wish i could fall through them now.
  5. ...from germany. just started with skydiving april this year. First jump was realy cool and such a rush. Now im total in love with the wind and all the funny people at the dropzone. The bad thing of skydiving is that i dont know what to do at weekends when im not there. Maybe in a few years i will meet some of u folks.