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  1. total waste just makes you rediculously nautious and vomit, youll be lucky to feel anything over the nausia, unless ofcourse you after that im totally seasick feeling then go for it.
  2. actually i think its more like asking a surfer not to fall off his surfboard or be penalised. its up to the surfer to figure out how. if he wants to take out his 5ft fishboard into 15ft waves then hes gonna have a hard time staying upright or even paddling onto them. capish
  3. Should pipeline teaupoo or cloudbreak be taken off the WCT and should we make the amount of compeditors go from (x) being only limited by the amount of people who are willing to attend the meet? wouldnt some 2ft beach break between the flags with shark nets and life guards on hand that everyone could easily get to with toilets showers lots of parking and better amenities be a much safer place for compeditors to measure themselves against eachother and then every joe blow who cant afford/doesnt get the chance to surf those types of waves and can make the 8am sign on etc and could have a crack (actually make sign on 11pm that way the lazy people who have trouble getting out of bed have a chance to compete aswell) wouldnt that be fairer?? suck it up princess this is ment to be a world title where the best of the best come to do their thing not some local fun run where everyone gets a turn and a ribbon at the end of the day. if you really wanna make the sport safer and look more profesional to the general public (take the sport mainstream) disqualify any swoop that doesnt end with a stand up landing (no wuffo spectator wants to see the elite slide/chow in on their ass like its the norm), and dont allow people that cant consistently stand up there landings @ (x) sec or (x) meters etc during qualifying make it to cometition, does swooping even have qualifying or is hittling the gates and making it across the pond good enough??
  4. this was in sydney australia onto and then off of centrepoint tower Wayne Allwood 22-feb-1982 Apparently fottage of the jump is in aba's first vid fist full of f111. hope that helps but sorry cant help with the video.
  5. that is because the levers are operated by the same hand and are on the same side and at arms length close to eachother (relative to their distance from the operator) much easier to mix up. anywho the uspa and manufaturers allow same handle type/colour configurations are you suggesting they "are in the wrong activity" then. you are sure these people knew their right from their left, great. I am sure their cutaway and reserve handles were in the configuration your recomending when they went in, which leaves us neither here nore there really.
  6. anyone else think its easier to punch through the velco with a d handle as opposed to the pillow?
  7. Exactly. better not allow your child to ride it the car with you until they are old enough to fully understand the implications of this action and can agree to waive there rights and risk their lives.
  8. actually ive changed my mind you guys are right burn them at the stake thats what they deserve, had the rsl not been their its obvious that they would be dead, they have no chance next time they have a mal anyhow now there proceedures have been scrambled by this even, crusify them!
  9. Only root karate come from Miyagi. Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong you choose own way do karate same reason.
  10. 1)my rigs previous owner lost it and i cant be bothered and am to tight to buy a new one 2)it isnt a requirement of the apf to have one when you are cypress equipt 3)i feel that by having a cypress the rsl presents more problems "for me" than it solves as the cypress can solve "for me" most of what the rsl can. if i didnt have a cypress i still wouldnt have an rsl for the same reasons, I believe an rsl could hurt "me" more often than it could help "me" (ie, now for one I wont get complacent about pulling my reserve handle hehe. The way you guys are carring on this would almost be reason enough not to have an rsl), by "me" i do not mean everyone/skydivers just "ME". I have no idea about "you" by you i mean every other skydiver I trust you will choose to do what is trully best for you given the best available unbiast information at the time i mean noone values your life more than you, and whatever you choose is ok with me, respect!
  11. thats right billvon becaues the only time you ever get a chance to locate your reserve handle is when you having a mal! all of a sudden one event where the reserve came out faster than you had a chance to pull your handle (not the most likely senario by the way) is going to erase the 1000's of time you went through your emergency prceedures on the ground or other mals where you got to the handle. better pull the handle just in case i forget for next time. pfffffffffft get over yourselves its this sort of micro managing that really turns me off skydiving it trully is the nanny sport! my poition is: finishing the proceedure after the reserve is out only complicates matters, takes your focus off the real task at hand, will not help me in the future when my rsl is disconnected would not have helped that girl who went in or any other unfortunate soul who couldnt pull their handle in time. I am not avocating relying on your rsl or any other device I still think you should pull your handles like the rsl isnt there but if by chance your reserve is over your head before you got to the handle, fine pull it if you think its gonna help you in the future. but others that have moved on and are more interested in their reserve and their approach should NOT be repremanded. especially not by those who have never been in the position to have there reserve out before they got to the handle, sometimes it happens shocking fast (holy fuck i cant believe my reserve is open) an it take alot to get the focus back on the handle which is not where your focus should be anyhow). For what its worth I do not have an rsl end rant
  12. she told everyone this after she went in?
  13. dont know why you should be given shit for not pulling your handle the rsl will always beat you to your reserve most times you will feel the reserve deployment before you have a chance to go for your reserve (if you are staging you emergency proceedures correctly) so you dont bother not biggie. of course there are always jerkoffs at the dz that see this as a case of "wow the rsl saved your life what a looser" and their is a slight chance that this is the case, what is more likely is what i described.
  14. i had a tj with a sabre 150 in it fit firm but fine, someone else i know currently has nj with a sabre 135 in it again firm but fine. if that helps
  15. throw it in the washing machine on delicate/warm with some soap then do an extra rinse cycle after comes up a treat.
  16. cheers for the clarification guys much appreciated, ok here are the pics of l/h and r/h risers with moderate tension applied until hard housing grommets mate with riser grommets. and risers laid flat
  17. no disrespect intended koppel just the reponse i got from him, I actually have the risers signed on my packing card as per the sb which he has also rejected. however i respect his view which is why i am seeking further clarification seeing as your a rigger care to enlighten me/us on the placement of the hard housing when tensioning the risers for inspection as per the apf sb: ei, should they be: 1, doesnt matter metal to metal regardless (ie, in both positions) 2, hard housing grommet in line and against riser grommet (as in the second pic) 3, hard housing grommet pulled away from riser grommet (as in the first pic). im just raising the question as the orientation of the hard housing affects the outcome (in some risers)and seeing as correct riser construction is such a hot topic in oz at the moment I think there possibily could be alot of sevicable risers out there being a little over scrutinzed due to missunderstanding of the sb. ofcouse i could be wrong and have to eat my slice of humble pie (oh please not again it tastes like shit)
  18. sorry koppel but my CI is not interested in a riggers opinion and has already defined them as unservicable as there is no metal to metal in pic 1. ( the config he had the risers in when he checked them). what i ment by "correct method" was whats should the correct orientation/placement of the hard housing grommet in relation to the riser grommet be when carrying out the inspection as different placement of the hard housing in relation t the riser grommet yields different results. it doesnt say directly in words on the APF service bueltin however the diagram clearly shows hard housing grommets hard up against riser grommets.
  19. more than likely the riser grommets and hard housing grommets were not aligned when the inspection was carried out causing you to think a servicable riser was not metal to metal. look at the diagram from the apf service buletin it has to be in that config to get metal to metal.
  20. your right pics are much easier to explain first one is the housing away from the riser hole/gromet config no metal to metal contact on the top ring webbing to middle ring, second one is the "loaded" (canopy open) config metal to metal on rings and housing in line with riser hole/grommet. i have tension on the risers for both pics so what do you guys think?
  21. they are metal to metal when the hard housing lines up with hole in the riser for the loop to give it some slack and keep the top ring off the grommet which is the configuration it is in when you are open and there is load on the risers. but if you take away the slack in the loop by moving the hard housing away from the grommet (as it usually is when static or only light loads) pulling the top ring to the hole in the riser they are not. anyhow a top ring that touches the grommet is not sevicable (but only while it is in the correct configuration and under load). the three rings should lay parralell to one another under load due to the extra lenghth in the loop which leads me to believe that when you check a 3 ring you should be lining up the hard housing hole with the hole in the risers to put them in the correct configuration (giving max travel from the loop to top ring) to see if they are metal to metal and parralel, how many people actually do this and then snag a riser for not being metal to metal or top ring toughing grommet when infact it is a perfecly servicable riser. capish
  22. ok, when the loop from my three rings is tight holding the top ring against the riser gromet because the hard housing is free taking up all the slack of the loop pulling it away and i apply tension to the riser i do not have metal to metal between the top ring webbing and the middle ring however when i align the hard housing with the riser grommet to give the loop slack to the top ring and i then apply pressure by pulling on the riser the top ring is no longer hard up against the riser grommet all three rings are parallel and have metal to metal contact. I would just like to know by this description do you believe these risers are servicable or not? it seems i get 2 different results depending on how the hard housing is positioned in relation to the riser grommet when you apply tension to the riser. Thanks and i hope that made sense
  23. not you Kris the originator ie, photos in post 1
  24. photos of the under surface of the wing will look uninfated due to the external air blasting against it photos of the top surface will look puffy for lack of air blasting against it, der! take a look at the photos in your example the ones that you claim to have great inflation are just photos of the top surface and the ones that have bad inflation are just photos of the underskin
  25. Hi all was just wondering if anyone had retrimmed a stiletto a little steeper maybe even as steep as the katana would this give it a longer recovery arc and make it a little more swoop friendly for those that have to much time and patience on there hands to be bothered buggering around with the lines?