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  1. Its just friendly advice that more and more i now see could really have helped you i dont understand why you would contact them with regards to everything accept payment, Like someone said order-invoice-pay -recieve, no use chasing up a missing suit when next in the natural order of things is payment, just adds to the confusion,

  2. I still think that if you were as proactive about organsing payment as you were about asking where the suit you hadnt paid for was, you would have had a much better outcome. I always find a little goodwill goes a long way.

  3. If he ordered from the dealer the dealer should have requested payment and he should have payed the dealer why would pf ask him for the money directly ya dig. Like you said whats the dealer there for

  4. I dont know sounds like more of a dealer issue to me, just found it interesting that after cancelling your order no monies were outstanding, regardless of how the dealer takes the order didnt you find that odd after all that time?

  5. My dream terrain suit would have V4 arm and leg with phantom (shallower) arm sweep and an extra one or two cells wider for the arm to leg bit. and an escape sleeve that didnt colapse the leading edge and flap at the cuff in dives. probably need to be boc too with the bigger arm to leg bits which would mean no more thumb loops. All wings would inflate from the arm inlets, split the deflector and legwing with zp rib if need be to isolate left from right. But i would settle with just the arm tweaks.

  6. SkymonkeyONE

    There is no point whatsoever in flying a big-ass tarp if you are going to be flying it in a dive with your arms raked so far back that your wrists almost touch (as is the case with 90 percent of all "look at me" YouTube proxy shit. Unless you are doing XRW, those suits are just worthless in my opinion. They are not fun to fly at all. They are heavy and handle like shit


    man you dont have a clue. terrain flying is not flocking. some of the most dangerous advice i have ever heard on the internet.

    my 2 cents, the scorpion looks small by terrain flying standards. i wouldnt want to much less than that or a v4 in regards to margin of glide.

  7. Whats even more amazing is how tandems go up when the chute opens. I mean the chute actually pulls them up you should see my friends tandem video the chute opens and he gets pulled straight up.

  8. To gain max fwd speed and gr you will have to increase your sink. If you are finding you can increase fwd speed without increasing sink or even decrease sink all you have done is stopped flying your suit in a stall and discovered the suits min sink, max gr is further along 4-6deg aoa and max fwd further still. Most dont find it cause they just cant give up that slow fall rate i mean really its all most have to measure their performance and nothing screams poor flight like a high fall fate right?