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  1. FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive Sebastian February 20-21 FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 12-13 FLCPA Meet #3 SkyCt Z-Hills Apr 2-3 USPA nationals z-hills, Apr 4-8 FLCPAMeet #4 Raeford May 7-8 NECPL #1 June 11-12 Cross Keys Williamstown, NJ Danish Nationals Open - - of June at NJFK BPA Grand Prix #1 18th - 19th June at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell World Games Test Event CP Wroclaw, Poland 27th June to 3rd July NECPL #2 July 9-10 Cross Keys Williamstown,NJ BPA British Open Nationals 22nd - 24th July at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell Norwegian Nationals / Open - 31.07 - 02.08 at Gryttjom, Sweden NECPL #3 August 6-7 Cross Keys, Williamstown, NJ Skydive Pink Klatovy Aug 11-14 NECPL #4 September 3-4 Cross Keys, Williamstown, NJ BPA Grand Prix #2 17th - 18th September at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell French Nationals & Open 30th September - 2nd October near Orleans, France (FB page)
  2. Here's some videos of an 86 openings: I really had some crazy body positioning on opening on a couple of these...and she opens really nicely!
  3. I for one would like to see this idea taken to a competition... I would propose gates at 50m & then at 100m...Upwind /downwind doesn't matter....stay low. VE's between these gates would be immaterial. When the water drag was introduced, we initially saw pilots approaching the gates slower, but then they learned a new skill set and technique, and the speed has gone right up again.There are more incidents of sore ankles and caught knees than ever before at the moment...good or bad? Does it deter the swooper from attacking(for use of a better word) the gates? I personally don't think so. Would we be able to run distance on shorter courses? Again I don't think so. I would love to see a trial of this setup, where we again have a little more safety margin above the water, but I believe we would be asking for better canopy control at high speed. Would a setup like this curb extraordinary distances? Maybe.... but a new skill set would be learned and mastered very quickly. My 2c!
  4. Just be aware, you should factor in the bollard diameter when measuring....Your 48.48m(inner bollard) & 58.48m(outer bollard) distances change (by half of the bollard diameter) so that you have a 10m wide course.(measured from the inside of the bollards) Likewise on accuracy & distance bollards...
  5. I would agree with the above...except, if your'e making a pond, put the pea-gravel from the waters edge.... the swoopers will thank you for it! (as in the Dubai pond)
  6. Lucky I had this on video...otherwise I wouldn't have known what happened... Aborted run due to wind pushing me off course...+-9m/s Thought I hit my head, but didn't... End result.. 3 months of physio for whiplash... Canopies can collapse at high speed... Better to be sitting on the ground wishing you were in the sky, than be in the sky wishing you were on the ground...
  7. Got a video of that pack job & openings? Very interested
  8. Drop Attila an email, I'm sure he will be very helpful with all your questions
  9. JVX 80 & 92 Rear risers... Velo 90.... combo...Risers & 1/2 brakes
  10. When you get to JSC, have a chat to Rob Kruger & get a DZ briefing from him... If you get to jump at PSC, speak to Selwyn,James or Mike,and likewise get DZ briefings from any of them... Jumping here in Gauteng is fun to say the least...density altitude last week-end at PSC was 7500ft...& we're at 4k....38deg C ...not the norm but we still had fun! Pull high for your first few(5k+) (don't forget to let the load know...) & have fun! JSC & PSC have pre-manifest systems in place...prudent to book before traveling out to either DZ's... Have fun!
  11. You'll find the Tempo reserves pack slightly smaller than the decells... I have a Vortex II 135 EVS, in which I have a tempo 150...just! The evs tray in itself is quite tight, but takes a Hurricane 120 nicely... ( my evs 135 takes a 135 zp tightly, but I have the 150 reserve) I have jumped a 120 EVS system & it was very comfortable (120/120)