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  1. It's been years - hadn't seen you since the Hartwood days. . . . but you were always one of best ones Burt. My heart breaks tonight knowing that you're no longer with us. I'll miss that grenadian rum you used to bring around. FUBAR had one of it's best rounds on that stuff :) Fly free bud.....fly free.
  2. So many memories of Waldo from over the years. At Orange, in Eloy, and places in between. All of those happy memories come with that patented Waldo smile that he always seemed to wear. The one that seemed to overtake his entire face. And usually in tandem with his unique, sometimes maniacle Waldo laugh that was so great to hear. My heart weeps at the passing of such a wonderful person. He was special to us all . . and I will miss him so much. I love ya Waldo.....thanks for being my friend. Courtney
  3. Zilla


    I've got 5 that I'm not using. Anyone want/need one PM me with your name/email and I'll shoot them over to you. ~~Courtney
  4. Zilla

    doggy abuse

    Definately call someone! I think you might get a better response from one of the animal organziations (such as your local SPCA group). My parents rescued a beautiful Husky from a very abusive owner a few years back. My mom saw the husky w/ the abusive owner in the Vet's office. She called SPCA, got an animal abuse investigator involved and the abusive owner's life was made into a living hell - not to mention they got the huskey, a rotweiller, and six puppies out of there! (They kept the huskey and SPCA found a home for the Rotweiller and the 6 puppies). I've found that the animal organizations are more likely to pursue charges in court on animal abuse, than the local police or sheriff's office. I hope it works out for you and I always admire a fellow dog lover who looks out for other dogs, even if they're not you're own. Good luck!!~~Zilla Keep up the good work!!!
  5. Zilla

    Who's this?

    That's a certified bad-ass, Jiggy Monster # 1, Leon Toson.......:) Zilla
  6. The last time I had to interview for a job (ages ago)..I did mention it. Funny thing was the Director I was interviewing with shot back with "Wow. . your a skydiver! Do you know so and so, and so and so, etc.?" Apparently there were a good number of other folks in the company that jumped too. It actually served to break the "interview ice" and I was offered the job in the long run. Zilla
  7. Hi Lambert! Just your friendly neighborhood zilla hanging out here! See you at Orange soon! hugs and jugs Court-Zilla
  8. Young man . . . . don't sass me like that. I'll be doling out the appropriate punishment to you when I see you at Orange next time Zilla
  9. Who's the video person that volunteered? Zilla.
  10. Zilla

    22 days

    Thanks to you both Rev and JT for the suggestions. . . I guess I'm already doing much of what you suggest with Mind over matter. I keep reasoning myself out of a cigarette today=== Everytime I want one I remind myself how good it will be to start running again or how nice it is that it doesn't taste like someone shat in my mout (lol), etc, etc, Belive me - I've been on quite a few walks today - drank several liters of water, and read the heck out of DZ.com! :) Thanks again!
  11. Zilla

    22 days

    Wooooohooo! Congrats! I'm proud of you! I'm sitting here looking at my first 24 hours without a smoke and it's driving me nuts. Seeing your post gave me the extra discipline I needed right about then. Keep up the great work!!!! Zilla.
  12. For the last several days I've had the new Mercedes Benz TV ad song running through my head . . "I've got the world on a string . . . etc etc". . . It's driving me nuts! zilla
  13. Just a reminder The registration deadline for the Virginia 100 way state record is July 31, 2003. Full details are listed in the original post below. Hope to see you at Skydive Orange November 7 - 9! (Orange, VA). Zilla
  14. As horrible as it sounds - I one time used the excuse of "I have to attend the funeral of a family friend" to get out of work to go skydiving. It wasn't a total lie, there *was* a funeral taking place that day, I just didn't go to it. Courtzilla
  15. lol! I don't know about IL, but there is a Podunk County NC listed (if you do a google search on it). Who would have thunk! Zilla