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  1. Okay, 1K, so what kind of punishment are you suggesting for the assholes in your life? Just askin'...
  2. I agree. The question is then: why do people do what they do? Why did you threaten to thwart my publishing efforts? What were you protecting? And why? Kenny's reputation? You are the one accusing him of stealing an airplane, threatening to kill 42 people, and giving Tina Mucklow a 40-year headache. I don't hate you either, Bobby. I just don't trust you. I also don't think you know why you do the things you do all of the time. That makes you dangerous.
  3. Have I compromised my integrity, Reichs? How?
  4. I never see you as such, Robert.
  5. That is impressive, Bobby. Worthy of a title, I should say! What shall we call you? Prince Bob, or Duke of Newsvine? Just askin'. By the way, why haven't you been able to find a way to monetize your writing? Millions of hits and not a nickel to show for it seems unfortunate. No?
  6. Wrong. It was first used by Mark, aka '377' on November 27, 2011 in a reference to Brian Ingram and the first Cooper symposium. Hopefully your book is better researched than your erroneous statement. Took me less than a minute to figure out the real inventor. And my name isn't 'Bobby,' BS. (That's short for well...your name.) Of course, Bobby, you may be correct, and I certainly accept your findings. However, I first heard of the term from you. At the very least, I began to think of myself as Cooper Royalty because of all the fuss you made about it, and eventually I decided that you were - again - correct! Thus I began calling myself Prince Bruce. After that, my stature just grew. Such is life. AS for making mistakes, most kings make 'em. The key, I think, is how we respond to our errors. I consider that timely acknowledgments, revisions, and apologies are the way to go rather than cover-ups, denials, and counter assaults. I trust that history/herstory will judge accordingly.
  7. Since Bobby invested the term "Cooper Royalty," I suppose he is entitled to define what it means. But like most things in life, once you invent something or put an idea into the universe, one's control over your creation diminishes. Such has happened with Cooper Royalty and our Court. We have adopted Bobby's pronouncements and now conduct ourselves accordingly. Historically, I have gone from Cousin Brucie to Uncle Brucie; then Prince Bruce, and now, King Bruce. To my friends however, I am often called "King Brucie." So, what have I done to deserve such an exalted status? Here is a brief list: 1. I wrote a book. It is a comprehensive, 90,000 word treatment on the DB Cooper case, with a close look at the behaviors of the FBI. 2. Maintained a website that covers the DB Cooper case in detail. The site is called The Mountain News-WA and is based in Eatonville, WA, which is on the eastern edge of Cooper's getaway flight path. Most of the raw data, interviews and information that is distilled in the book first appeared on the Mountain News. When I posted current pix of Tina Mucklow on the MN, it had 40,000 hits by lunch. 3. I have interviewed every available principal in the case, or I have attempted to speak with them. 4. I am threatened regularly with lawsuits, character assassinations, and accusations of criminal activity, such as murdering Earl Cossey. I interpret those actions as a reflection of the impact my writing has amongst the denizens of Cooper World.
  8. Yo, Rocket, since you're advertising your wife's hotness, would you mind if I had sex with her? Just askin'. By the way, welcome to the DB Cooper Investigation!
  9. TOP TEN REASONS FBI WILL PUNT (on Bobby's and Mrs. Cooper's Submissions) 1. Jo Weber has no standing in the case because she wasn't married to Duane Weber in 1971. After all, after his eight marriages, who knows what he was doing. 2. Jo's package on DB Cooper has been transferred to the King County Sheriff's Office Major Case Squad since she was the last person to speak to Earl Cossey alive. 3. Duane was never in the Army. 4. Kenny's files are all burnt, so nothing that Bobby has submitted can be verified. 5. Everyone knows Kenny was gay, and, as per the new FBI directive, all agents who feel uncomfortable touching his files can be recused from the investigation on religious grounds . 6. Jo's package is being reviewed first by the CDC in Atlanta due to concerns that what she has may be contagious - and NOBODY wants to take a chance on getting what she has. 7. Bobby's package is being sent to King County Office of Mental Health as the Geestman family clearly needs a psych eval before a criminal eval. First-things-first is the FBI's middle name! 8. Mark Zuckerberg has imposed a restraining order on all of Bobby's material since he posts on Facebook, and all postings on Facebook are owned by Facebook. 9. NSA already sent everything on KC and DW to the FBI long ago, which dismissed the evidence as "inconclusive and not as interesting as porn." 10. Dear Concerned Citizen: Budget cuts are killing us! So many suspects, so little time. Can you please re-submit and give us a one-page synopsis of your most compelling evidence. Thank you. Please allow 90-180 days for our response. No phone calls or emails, please, unless you're DBC Royalty.
  10. Norjak is getting HOT at the FBI - Two Packages of Evidence - Only ONE MAN can win!!! What will the FBI do? Time to call Ayn Dietrich-Williams. Hope she's back in the saddle after her wedding.
  11. I find Robert Nine-Nine's posts very soothing. I consider that a great contribution to the forum.
  12. That's what we're counting on.
  13. Robert Nine-Nine, I take your concerns seriously. I am composing a dossier, and will continue to closely assess the situation. I'm also pondering the mythic qualities to these developments. A couple of years ago Bobby passed my headshot around to the Auburn PD because he says somebody said they had received a death threat or some such. Now, Jo continues with her homicidal fantasies.
  14. Rikesie, what do YOU think is the NO NO ZONE? Do you really think Jo Weber would check into a No-Tell Motel??? Seriously Reich-man, I would usually tell you all about the truth of meeting Jo Weber face-to-face, and I am happy to discuss my fantasies as well, but as you can see the cops may be showing up here at any minute and I don't want to make things too complicated for them - look how the FBI took notes in Norjak and they had passed their Bar Exams! Just sayin'.