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  1. I showed up and within a few minutes I was briefed and ready to go. Everybody was friendly and went out of there way to say "hello" and shoot the breeze. The plane was small but I still got on all the loads I wanted. I would definitely recommend checking out Abel Tasman if you're a visiting jumper and don't forget the beer!
  2. I'm headed to New Zealand soon and I'm wondering which dropzones I should concentrate my time at if I am also trying to tour the country and not spend too much time in one place. Which dropzones are best for sport jumpers (how many loads going up in a day during the weekday and/or weekend?), which ones have the best scenery, facilities and are geared towards sport jumping. I'm not sure if some do tandem only. I am interested in the dropzones near Christchurch, Te Anau, Queenstown, Dunedin, Motueka (Abel Tasman), Wellington, Taupo, Auckland. Also, I have a USPA license, do I need to get a NZ license and what is involved (can I just fill out a paper)? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot
  3. I live on Kauai. I have to fly over to Oahu to jump but I'm hoping to work something out here eventually to at least make the occasional jump. But yeah, Skydive Kauai is tandem only....
  4. So I'm a noob and I just bought a used vector 3 and have a main canopy on the way. I still need a set of risers and I'm wondering what length I should get. I understand that 20" is pretty standard. I'm about 6'2" with long limbs. UPT has 19", 21", 23", and 25." Any suggestions?
  5. I bought a cookie ozone the other week on the basis that I'm a beginner and need something to make me cool so my best starting point was a flashy carbon fiber helmet. Based on the previous poster's helmet related question I'm wondering how safe and protective this helmet actually is. As on of the replies mentioned, the cookie helmets come with a big warning sticker that says the helmet isn't meant for use as protection. Is it just gonna split wide open the first time my head bounces off of something? Not sure if I really believe the hype on the "d30" intelligent molecules..... pff... Also, I am looking into getting a canopy for my first rig and as a novice with 24 jumps I'm wondering what model would suit me the best. I've been flying a sabre 2 190. I weigh about 190 or so and I want something that will be fun and responsive to fly. I tried out a 170 and screwed my landing a bit the first time around as I cut it close coming back to the dropzone and landed heading downwind. What canopy model would you guys suggest?
  6. Anybody have a cookie ozone helmet? If so, have you mounted a camera? Do you need that rounded flatlock adaptor or can you side mount it? There's not a lot of images available so I don't know.
  7. Good to know, thanks. Guess I'll have to shell out some cash in the future..
  8. I bought the SR 11 because I wanted to shoot in HD. I did not consider using it for skydiving when I purchased it but I would like to jump with a camera in the future. Is anybody aware of a box that fits it?