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  1. The argh part would require taking the gag out of her mouth, I would prefer to not do that.
  2. what should be done about it? She got a little bitter because I shot it in her eye, she retaliated by reaching for my favorite t-shirt to clean up the mess. Son of a bitch Laundry question for you women - how do you get large amounts of baby batter out of a tshirt???
  3. I personally think the fucker rocks. What do you think, which genre fits him best?
  4. No, she is the toxic one. She is the one that doesnt know how to accept an apology. She is the one that holds a grudge until we want to kill each other. She is the one that runs to the spare room and locks the door. She is the one that posts on here just to piss me off. If she would just learn to do what I tell her to do we would probably be ok.
  5. +1 It reminds me of high school... Welcome to "As the Prop Turns" I'm surprised my little witch hasn't made an appearance. She said she was going to post a picture today.
  6. You're so sexy when you go into teacher mode. Just got back from the lesbo chat room didnt you?
  7. Like happythoughts said, it was warranted. So there!
  8. I would expect more then just a random made up statement from someone with 10,000 posts. Link?
  9. A little late there bro.
  10. How about this one? That was merely a suggestion. That wasnt negative.
  11. Show me one post of mine where I was negative towards someone else. Cant do it can you? Perhaps you should keep your loudmouth out of the conversation.
  12. She is in bed with the door closed. I told her she had a request to post a pic, she very eloquently said "fuck off, I'll post it tomorrow when you arent around" what a bitch. Gawwwd, this is getting as dramatic as the lesbian chatrooms I used to hang out in. If you think this is dramatic perhaps you should go back to the lesbian chatoom.
  13. Sounds like you have already been pussified by too many Chic-Flicks if you ask me. Man up, Kick the door in and and ask her point blank "Is you is or is you aint my Baby!!". Act like you got a Pair and straighten this out. Tell her to git in the kitchen and fix your damn sammich or get the fuck out!! Tough Love, Gotta keep that pimp hand strong. Lay down the law my brother. Dont be lettin no Split-tail run your house. (And Post Video!!) How has that worked out for you in the past ?
  14. How fucking weird is this??? Conspiracy?