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  1. Yeah I talked to guy that has jumped both and he said exactly what you said about the XF2. I am going to Demo a Katana and a Mamba this weekend.
  2. I am looking at getting a new canopy I would like some information on how they compare to each other?
  3. I wish I could make that camp and help you guys out. I'd like to take some noobies up. Is priceless to see someones face on their first dock!
  4. How come when I got my awards the USPA didn't send me a card or add it to my licenses but it was printed in the Parachutist Magazine. All I got was the sticker and a letter saying that they were doing away with those awards. Well a few months ago I to a few noobies up and got them their 4 stack award and they got a patch, a card and its added on their licenses? WTF
  5. Is this going to be a full time DZ or is this just a boogie happening at the Airport
  6. Billy hell yeah I will be at Mike's camp in mid Oct and I am down when ever. Oh yeah I am at Ft Rucker Al.
  7. Oh man. Yeah close to that. I load my Lightning at 1.35 optiminal big way loading. I may have to get a 143 from a buddy for this one. We will have some good fun either way. I can do CRW with you just not any complicated stuff with the 176.
  8. Anyone that would like to come and do some CRW at Skydive the Farm during the Halloween boogie I would like to do some CRW jumps. I will have my Lightning with me. Lets get some other Lightning fliers out there and lets do some CRW.
  9. It depends on how your loading your 190 but I should be able to do some CW with ya. Also anyone that has even a small amount of CRW experience I would like to get some CRW jumps going.
  10. I will be there either way. However we are trying to reschedual the CRW Pup Camp to a different date. I just need to make sure The Farm will work with us. Aaron
  11. Yeah the CRW camp fell through. But I will do CRW with you guys. For SURE Aaron
  12. We have some really good CRW dogs coming out to teach this. I am looking to see who is interested. If you are contact me and I will fill you in on the details.
  13. The Deadman Boogie is rescheduled to Oct 2nd and 3rd
  14. Nah I will leave the DIablo on the ground for CRW to twitchy. LOL!! Unless I am shooting video and then maybe I will use the Diablo. But yeah I have a Lightning for CRW.
  15. I consider myself not to bad and I am jumping a Lightning 176 at 1.3
  16. I jump a lightning 176 loaded at 1.3 I know that at bigger CRW camps they like to have you loaded at 1.25 to 1.35 but the guys whom organize that stuff are WAY better than me but I would like to do some CRW with a few people that know a little about CRW and what they are doing.
  17. Is there anyone willing to come out and do some CRW at the Farm for their Halloween Party?
  18. CRW anyone? Would anyone like to do CRW this weekend?
  19. I know of a Drop Zone that is intentionally screwing another Drop Zone. Skydive Temple has the annual Deadman Boogie on labor day weekend. They have been doing this for the past 3 or 4 years. Skydive Temple is your family type drop zone that makes you feel very welcome and is not a huge tandem factory. They cater to their Fun Jumpers and are always welcome to new jumpers. Well anyways the near by drop zone Skydive San Marcos (I thought at one time was not like this) decided to do promotional weekend and have a low cost one time fee for as many jumps as you can get in a weekend on the same weekend as the Deadman Boogie to take away from the turn out. Skydive San Marcos is a Tandem Factory that will bump you from a load for a tandem in a heartbeat which is understandable its a business right? Hmm? I know that if I were a DZO that owned a DZ close to a smaller DZ I would work with them on special weekends. Yeah on a normal weekend your on your own, but I would NEVER intentionally screw someone like this just because most of the fun jumpers end up at the boogie for the weekend. Talk about hitting someone from behind. I know that I will personally never jump at Skydive San Marcos again! Come on we are all after the same thing Blue Skies, Jumping from planes with good friends and having a good time!
  20. When is this going to happen again?
  21. Yeah they will jump in the winter months. Jim is even talking about flying a caravan in the near future. Also the DZO's wife is in Iraq right now flying.
  22. There is a really nice new little DZ near Fort Rucker in DeFuniak Springs Fl called Skydive Live. The DZO is a retired Golden Knight and is an AWESOME guy. He caters to fun jumpers and thats what we need are some good ole fun jumpers. He only has one tandem rig so no bumping for tandems. Its a new DZ thats trying to get on its feet and a great place. So if your in the Area come out and make a jump. Oh the DZ has a 182 that has been fully restored its a beautiful and fast 182. There is a second 182 getting the works inside the hanger.