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  1. I am planning to get my TI rating this winter, Sigma, and I wasn't sure if they still require a cutaway. I haven't seen it on the progression card. I could always do a intentional before my repack but still want to know. Thanks!!
  2. once I looked for my phone for 20 minutes only to find out that I was using it
  3. i figured it out... it's the switch itself. and not the bite part. i plugged it in, and moved the 32" wire around and it would come on and off and if i left in just the right spot it would be fine... this is near the end and the part where it inserts the camera is not moving so it has to be the wire itself... dammit, just got it today.
  4. so now it's working.... but not everytime. It might work for like 30 seconds, everytime i bite/press but then it might just start snapping for like 5 pics, then go back to working properly with the switch. Then it might not work at all. I have it pushed in all the way until it cant go any further. When I rotate the 2.5 jack it beeps from time to time. Very frustrating...
  5. tried that. every time I switch a to a different mode it flashes and snaps a picture but never does it when I push the button on the bite switch... this bite switch worked flawlessly in the store. I wonder if there is a certain setting i need
  6. Just picked one up today and everytime I plug the Pro mouth switch into the plug the flash flips up and fires off a shot but then does nothing when i press the bite switch. I am sure I am doing something wrong. It worked fine on the one in the store.... any ideas?
  7. i just did... I wanted to jump so badly that everything presented itself in the right order
  8. She thinks the world is 10,000 years old and fossils were put here to test our "faith" (a word meaning, The boast of a person who is too lazy to investigate)..... she is nuts... oh and not to mention she has zero problem blowing up wolf pup dens, poisoning their water and authorizing sniping of wolves from helicopters........ fuck her
  9. HA!! Some 85 year old dude told me that yesterday.... bummer
  10. So some guy had the idea of putting a wedding band over the pipe and as soon as he did it she stopped putting out........ But for serious, it's still an epic disaster!!!
  11. damn nature.... you scary