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  1. Nope Sunman, wasn't me. You only thought it was me. Oh and if you get your hands on that video again just destroy it. That way it will be like it never happened.
  2. Using your old cards as kindling for a killer beach bonfire with some cold ones was an excellant idea!! Thanks for the great night babe!
  3. Just got home from watching 'The Two Towers'!! It rocked!!! In the beginning of the movie Gandalf's head down flying looked pretty solid. He must get a lot of 'tunnel time'
  4. Years ago one particular Christmas, Santa Claus was not having a good season. A few days before Christmas Eve he decided to check on his readiness for the big night. He went to check on the reindeer only to find that 4 were sick with the flu and would not be able to pull his sleigh Chrismas Eve. Perturbed with this fact he decided to go check on the status on his toy production. Due to an elf labor strike that season he resorted to hiring scabs. As he entered the toy factory is was immediately obvious that the scabs were way behind schedule and would have enough toys for all the kids at Christmas. Distraught Santa decided to stroll down to the local North Pole pub and have a glass of his favorite Brandy. The bar keep at the pub informed Santa that they had sold the last of the Brandy and there wouldn't be more until next week. Sinking into deep depression Santa decided to just go home and sit by the fire. Once he arrived at home he discovered a dear john letter left by Mrs. Claus stating that she was taking all her things and leaving Santa for another man. At that very moment there was a knock at the front door. When Santa opened the door there stood an Angel holding up a Christmas tree. The Angel said.... "Here's the Christmas tree you ordered sir. Where would you like me to put it??" And that my friends is the story of why the angel is on top of the tree.
  5. Do you have any favorite clever or humorous record album titles? Maybe song title that are a great play on words?? Off the top of my head a few old school classics.... 'You can tune a piano but you can't Tuna Fish' ~Reo Speedwagon 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' ~Van Halen 'OU812' ~Van Halen Song title: 'If you see Kay.' ~April Wine (say that fast 3 times) From the Joe Walsh Anthology: 'Got any gum?' 'You bought it:You name it' ..(I love that one!) 'The smoker you drink, The player you get' Must give honorable mention to: 'Smell the Glove' ~Spinal Tap
  6. Dude that is truly a travesty!!! "guiness light"......isn't that like an oxymoron or something???? To follow the thread: Robitussin-PE with Expectorant/Nasal Decongestant If that doesn't work it's onward to Guinness or Vodka and Orange Juice.
  7. Okay, so the lovely original author of this thread found it in the kindness of her heart to share her flu bug with me. Here I sit cocooned in a blanket while there's cloudless skies outside. I can here the King Airs dropping loads overhead and the surf is getting big again. ...UUUUGGHHHHH!!! I did find 'some' amusement today with these though:1 2 3
  8. Hey Mary. Black is not so bad in western Michigan during October. Mid-July on the other hand...
  9. I have to agree with BillV. Be careful to never get dependant on a mechanical device for altitude indication. The best devices to use for this purpose is you and your two eyes. Blue Skies!!
  10. HEY!! Freak Brothers..... Had a student once who had found the Freak Brother's soundtrack at a public library, and insisted on playing it in his van (down by the river...oops...err...wrong story) while driving myself and another instructor on a beer run (one weekend). Kind of bizarre to say the least. But: move over OLAV(tm) Freak Brothers are that real fathers of FREEFLYING.
  11. Dave~ You might try the Bent Prop Cafe/Bar. See attached sample. While there say hi to Sissy for me.