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  1. Looking for a canopy for the new season. I currently have a Spectre 135, which I love the openings of, but not the handling or the landings particularly. Before that I was on a Stiletto 150 for many years and I loved it, but I moved to the Spectre for the openings as my neck couldn't take the occasional spanker from the Stiletto (which i kept in trim). Question is: any recommendation for a fun 9 cell that reliably opens soft? I don't care about speed. Will load at 1.3 / 1.4. I haven't been deep in the forums in the last couple years so new canopies might have escaped my attention. Fanks!!
  2. Thanks guys that's great! I'm leaning towards Intrudair...
  3. Anyone got one? Build quality? Fit? Thanks guys!
  4. Cool! Any chance of getting an RSS feed? Cheers!
  5. I used one of these once to trigger a camera instead of a flash: It's pretty easy: u connect the PC port out on the receiver (boxy looking one) to the remote trigger port (mini-jack) on the camera. It worked for me at about 30 feet. The lead photog triggers all the cameras with the V shaped remote which has a button on top for manual trigger. Edit: of course u can use more expensive/reliable ones like alienbees or pocket wizards.
  6. ITALY You get your only licence after 50 jumps. After that you're on your own. Before the 50 mark, and after completion of AFF, you can do 1-1 coaching with an instructor.
  7. AUSTRALIA You get your A licence after AFF or SL. With your A lic. you can only do 1-1 coach jumps until you get your B, for which you have to complete a RW training table which involves around 8-10 jumps with a coach + 3x 3-or-bigger ways under supervision. With your B lic (or C-D-E-F) you can do 10-ways or smaller RW jumps. To get on bigger RW ways you need an Australian Star Crest, which you can get by participating in at least three eight-way Flatfly RW formations entering fifth or later, witnessed by judges or other ASC holders. For freefly jumps: you can do 3-ways with a B or higher licence. By completing a FF training table you can get on bigger FF ways. Edited to add: 50 jumps required for a B licence.
  8. Nick (or anyone), as far as you know, is there any UPT docs or threads here discussing/comparing this kind of PC?
  9. I think it IS a training problem. Students of today probably build a different attitude towards jumping BECAUSE AADs exist. They know there's always another chance. In the olden days people 'imprinted' on the idea that noone/nothing was there to save their arses. Maybe we should hammer concepts like the likelihood of getting hurt in a landing following an AAD fire and cases of AAD malfunction - from the FIRST day. Just a somewhat off-topic idea. * Edited to add: I am one of those new jumpers.
  10. Cheer up! It's pretty normal to stuff up jump #1. We're earth-bound creatures after all. Savour the accomplishment of your first jump, and seek advice from your instructors for the next one! The net may not be the best place to debrief your FJ :-)