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  1. Nothing else to say. With the software you can configure prety anything (until the frequency of the sound). Battery cond work +/- 150 jumps, depending of IR connexio you made between jumps I imagine. IR connection works well, and transfering data to paralog is really easy. Anyway, if it could have sound little louder, it whould have be better.... The third alarm is not as violent than on larsen&
  2. stefomaroc

    Beni Mellal

    Be sure that spanish or french or other have the same treatment..... If you come when special teams are here, they have the priority..... Students also have priority....... when both are there, not easy to get a place.... Perhaps give a call before come as they can add an aircraft if too much peoples are there.... Anyway, for me, it was a marvelous place with very friendly and professional peoples... Up to 10 jumps a day, and I could have done more if wanted.....