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  1. leigh1322

    Jumping For Fun

    This place is laid back and full of friendly people who are very qualified and willing to help with anything you need. It feels just like home.
  2. leigh1322

    Skydive Alabama

    Went to Skydive Alabama for their 10 year anniversary! They had an all you can jump boogie and it was FANTASTIC! I loved the atmosphere and the people there they were very friendly and helpful, always offering to jump with low timers like myself. They only issue I found was the landing pattern was not set. The landing area is between the runway and the taxiway and the pattern is always so you don't go over the runway but the pattern for the day is not always into the wind and I landed downwind a couple of times. Also they need a bigger indicator for wind direction. They only had wind blades up and a tiny windsock not that visible from the air. But overall I loved this place the atmosphere, the night life, the plane (it climbed to 13k in 12 minutes) I will definitely return to this dropzone someday! Good job skydive alabama and congratulations on your 10 years!!
  3. leigh1322

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    Its easy to get on a plane. The people are very friendly and try to make you feel included! When getting acclimated they explain how things done very well and will always make sure you are safe if you land off. They had 2 c182s and the jump tickets are cheap! Everything about this place is awesome. Its near Edinburgh shopping center which has great places to eat! Its also far enough away from everything that if you do have to land away from the landing area then you will be able to find an out! The instructors seemed very attentive to their students.
  4. leigh1322

    Skydive Kentucky - Elizabethtown

    I love this place great staff that provide a lot of help knowledge and will help with anything you need.