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  1. Glad you enjoy it. I understand the addiction. I fractured my foot in the middle of AFF, got up to level 3, non skydiving related btw, so I'm out for 6 weeks. Its killing me, I can't wait to get back. Good luck on the rest of your jumps.
  2. amma


  3. 08 May 1945 England and US celebrate V-E day. 08 May 1886 Atlanta pharmacist John Styth Pemberton invented the flavor syrup for Coca-Cola
  4. I've learned to really like my body and it took me years to do that. If I may say so its one of the best looking 40 year old size 8 bodies I've seen in a long time.
  5. 1995 Chevy Camaro, just turned 190,000 miles. Still runs great, Regular oil changes and maintenance, does have a very small transmission leak. Paints peeling but otherwise gets me where I need to go.
  6. Welcome!!! Another student skydiver here, just finished level one and level two. Level three next week. Hope to finish AFF by the end of May!
  7. Whoa there, waaaaay too much information. I hate to hear that your sister is in such a bad way but I have to wonder why you felt it necessary to share your sister's dirty laundry with a forum full of strangers. How about a little discretion? If I was your sister I'd be pretty pissed. I'm sure you wouldn't like this sort of thing posted about you.
  8. From their website. What is this Tea Party effort all about? The Tea Party effort is just a small piece of a much larger movement aimed at restoring the basic free-market principles our country was built on. The Constitution, for the most part, is being ignored by our current government and we intend on working together to correct the problem. The Tea Party effort is a grassroots, collaborative volunteer organization made up of every day American citizens from across the country. We take pride in the fact that we've built a 50 state network of leaders and activists using nothing more than the internet, a few websites and a burning desire to restore freedom. Has anyone else heard of this movement and if so will anyone be attending? I'm trying to attend in Atlanta, but they will be held all over the country.
  9. Belly piercings are great, I have had mine for almost 15 years. Hell even my mother likes it. Is it stainless steel? If it starts giving you problems like constant infections, switch to a titanium or 14k ring. That's what I had to do.
  10. I'm a radiographer, I work in diagnostic, trauma, fluoroscopy and OR, If a doctor needs to see inside your body I'm the one they call.
  11. Hey everyone!!! I just want to say I had an awesome time! My only regret was that I couldn't hang out longer. It was great to meet some of you, you made me feel very welcome and that was important to me. I even was able to jump!! Thanks again, see ya soon!!
  12. This may sound completely disgusting BUT..... if you are still producing urine, one can drink it in an emergency to keep alive. Perhaps in doing that, one can keep hydrated enough to induce vomiting or stay alive long enough to pass the key.
  13. Or being told that you may (will be) charged a fee for actually speaking to a customer service representative instead of having to navigate their automated system.