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  1. hodges

    I can't flare right!

    I can think of ALTERnative courses. Flight-1 being the only provider is nEGOtiable.
  2. Looking for the same thing myself at the moment. I lost a GoPros after a riser strike across the front of a flat top. It was fixed with the standard plastic J-mount which broke at the plastic arm. I've picked up one of those little snug metal cages which look good but it has a thumb screw on the bottom and no easy way to rear mount it. I could do with a low profile L-bracket of some kind but I'm not keen on anything that might be sharp and take off a finger if a riser slaps my hand into my head or something ;). Been meaning to take a dremel to a standard bracket or something but I haven't got round to it.
  3. hodges

    CP 2016 Event master

    Danish Nationals Open - 10.th - 12.th of June at NJFK BPA Grand Prix #1 18th - 19th June at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell BPA British Open Nationals 22nd - 24th July at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell BPA Grand Prix #2 17th - 18th September at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell
  4. Nice thread. I've been looking for stuff but I haven't found much. I'm interested in any tips for making the most of training with a flysight. I'm mostly using mine to evaluate - Pattern points in different conditions - IP (altitude and offset from gate in both axis) in different conditions - Time/technique on double-fronts before adding rotation (does canopy start recovering before rotation is added) - Timing of each quarter of rotation - Top vertical speed - Lowest horizontal speed (i.e. how vertical I got). Not too sure how valuable this is with ground wind speeds - Roll out height - Recovery time I strive for turns like the "good" one in my attachment and try to avoid the "shit" ones.
  5. hodges

    Getting Started

    I don't think anyone is adverse to giving advice on video editing software. IIRC there's loads of threads on here about it already. Depends what you want to do. Windows Movie Maker might serve you well for basic videos. I like Sony Vegas. :)
  6. Are these Javelin risers or are they from a rigger?
  7. hodges

    Parasport Italia Helmet cutaway system

    Why would you need the chin cup and the strap?